Brinno TLC200 vs TLC200 Pro

Having a dedicated camera is useful if you are an enthusiast and want to get the best footage out of your activities or special occasions. For those whose interest is capturing a significant change over a subject for a set of time, Brinno TLC200 Vs TLC200 Pro will be two of the most ideal choices to go. These time-lapse specialized cameras are convenient and easy to use but slightly different as well. Before shopping, check what they can offer and pick the one that fits you the most here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Time-Lapse Video
  • What is Time-Lapse Camera
  • What are Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro
  • What Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro Look Like
  • What are the Specs of Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro
  • How are the Performance of Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro
  • What else Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro can offer
  • Brinno TLC200 Vs TLC200 Pro

Time-Lapse Video

There is no limit for creativity and the best tool or device for your application can be different from what your friends are using because our preference and taste will not always be the same as well. For those whose hobbies are photography, dedicated camera is a must have since this type of tool is going to offer a huge range of adjustment as well as versatile enough to accommodate your activities especially if you will shoot a wide range of subject in different situations.

Some of us prefer to shoot a moment through a single captured image and some prefer to enjoy the progress through moving images or video footage but there is another interesting way to show progress through transition of images and we call it time-lapse. We are sure most people including those who are not into photography know this term and what it refers to. This method is very ideal for a process that took time to finish.

There are lots of amazing events out there mostly by nature itself as it ages, process happens and single images can’t show the true beauty of it. You can record them of course but it may take days, weeks, or even longer and we don’t have that much free time nor capable of staying still doing the work. Time-lapse is a great way to let you capture those moments without reducing the amazing effects of transitions between stages. Read also: Sony FDR AX53 Vs Sony FDR AX33.

Time-Lapse Camera

As the method is gaining lots of fans and more well-known by the general population, some manufacturers are also offering the suitable tool to accommodate your hobby and this camera usually just simply called time-lapse cameras. They do the job more conveniently and efficiently because users can still film without having to sit there and monitor the process so we can be more productive and doing things that need our direct handling. Additionally, the still images can be set to be much higher than the footage.

While they may sound the same, a time-lapse camera is different from common cameras used in sport applications because the latter needs a fast frame-per-second rate and far better auto-focus including tracking system due to the nature of how fast their subject moving. A time-lapse on the other hand will not need all of these qualities but what it needs will be high-resolution sensor and the ability to capture in RAW format as well as capable of working even under low-light conditions. 

About Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro 

A time-lapse camera is the ideal choice for those who will be taking this type of videos a lot but, for those who want to save some budget and can’t spend the money, we can actually use a regular DSLR with a tripod and then work with how many fps and transition. iPhone also have the capability to capture time-lapse as well and any device should be used to their full-potential if you are not fond of buying new tools. However, your preference and budget matter the most.

For those who are looking for the most convenient option, a time-lapse camera will be a very ideal choice to consider and while they are not as widely and as lots in option compared to standard cameras, companies like Brinno offer what you want to capture using this method. They are one of the most popular if not the most well-known time-lapse cameras in the entry-level. They have few different models in the catalogue and depending on the price range, just like everything else you will get more from the upper range products.

Among those collections, there are Brinno TLC200 and Brinno TLC200 Pro which are very similar to each other but also different. The problem when you have an identical choice is we don’t know what model to go with because they seem to offer the same capabilities and this is also true about these cameras. As close brothers you will find most of their features and specifications to be the same but the Pro model will be more capable in comparison.

Both of them are capable of recording in HD so you can get a pretty good image quality and they are ideal with different sources of light, making them a good choice to play around both day and nighttime events. In comparison the Pro version is offering some additional features on its sleeve and probably our favorite is it also fit different HDR capability. This model is actually more popular than the original product which is about $70 cheaper.

Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro Design

Side by side Brinno TLC200 and Brinno TLC200 Pro are looking like the same products but have different color options and their plastic body seems to not going to be able to sustain rough handling, moreover in affordable products like these chances we will not get any weather sealing ability which means we can purchase their additional casing if you will be using them under unfriendly conditions. These cameras are quite compact measured at 4.25-inch tall and about 2.5-inch wide at the base.

Our favorite part is that they have a flat base to let you just place them at any flat surface if tripod is not an option. But, the base also has a threaded socket that will be compatible with Brino’s Pan Lapse Camera Stand. There are small 1.44-inch TFT LCD displays on the camera to use the product and navigate the menu in addition to memory card slot up to 32GB. To work properly, you will need to put 4 AA Batteries accessed from the bottom of the unit.

Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro Specification

Moving further, let’s check what Brinno TLC200 and Brinno TLC200 Pro can offer because here is what matters about the camera. First thing first they have a similar resolution and the Pro version is having a 1.3MP 1/3-inch HDR sensor while the original model is 1/3-inch without the HDR function. They do have different FOV and you can get a wider angle of Pro model at 112 degree as opposed to only 56 degree. In addition, the big brother also captures more shots per second from 3 to 5 photos instead of 2.

However, the interval itself is adjustable in both models from one second up to 24 hours and this setting will affect how long the battery can last. In general you can capture 270.000 frames in 2 days with the original model while the highest mode in Pro camera can take up to 168.000 frames in 1 day. What’s different is the Pro version you will get to choose various different settings for different situations which are not present on the original model. Those options are optimized for daylight, twilight, night, and moon setting.

Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro Performance

Moving to the performance part, the $70 price gap is very prominent here because while both Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro seems to be not that much different on specification, they are very different on real-life test. The image quality is easy to distinguish from each other because the Pro model is offering a better focus, everything looks crisper here and you will find a pretty good level of detail as well unlike the original camera that is a little bit blurry especially if your subject is a wide scene.

It also has a wider angle so we can capture more of what is presented at the front of the lens and color wise, you can see that the Pro version is much more natural. As for the nighttime performance, the latter is better but you still can’t use it with the lack of lighting present.

Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro Features

The last part we want to mention is their additional feature and the most prominent difference here is the fact that we can change the lens using Brinno’s BCS collection which is available in various different focal lengths. Additionally this model also has lots of modes and features inside including a function to use the camera as a webcam and adjusting the white balance. Besides the memory slot you can use a USB cable to transport file to computer with this camera.

 Brinno TLC200 vs TLC200 Pro

Both of them are a good choice if you are into time-lapse video but they are also different and as an affordable unit, we can’t hope to see much here as well because Brinno TLC200 and TLC200 Pro are pretty basic in terms of image quality. The differences are the Pro will have better image in general, better contrast and focus as well as wider FOV, and comes with lots of additional features such as an option to change the lens.

- Professional Grade: The TLC200 will capture the perfect shot or chronicling your next big project.
- Time Lapse Video Camera: Select a time interval from 1 sec-24hr for your next project to insure you don’t miss anything.
- Capture Video: Step Video allows you to record short videos at time intervals of your choice and then auto combines the clips into a ready to view video
- Trusted Brand: Never miss a shot – Brinno is a full-service company that provides customers with regular firmware
- Professional grade, but easy enough for beginners to use
- High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor produces stunning 720p time lapse video under virtually any lighting conditions, from low light to intense backlighting
- Aspherical 19 mm f/2.0 glass lens for 2X sharpness and 4X low light performance
- Unlike DSLR cameras, the TLC200 Pro creates the AVI file in the camera so it is instantly available with no post-processing required


It is best to shop based on your preference and budget because we may have different opinions yet, it is also true that between these cameras the TLC200 Pro will be the better option because it has better image quality and more features on board.


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