Canon PowerShot SX 540 vs SX 430

With the existence of social media, people are now more concerned about having a good quality camera. Having a camera is not an exclusive thing nowadays, since almost every phone has the built-in camera now. With a camera on your phone, you can capture or shoot with much portability and ease.

However, even though the camera technology in smartphones is getting better each year, some people intend to have separate cameras for an independent photography purpose. They can have some choices to pick, based on the aspects of money, user characteristic, and also the purpose of having a camera.

For more professional work, SLR or DSLR cameras are the best for them. It’s compact, highly customizable, and really spoils photographers with many options in settings and a large choice of lens. Basically a photographer can be free with this type of camera, and able to capture the greatest image quality.

On the other hand, for the market who just wants to have a camera for taking pictures of events or just for having fun, the Point and Shoot Cameras are the best. It has a more affordable price, fixed lens location, and also easy to carry everywhere. It even fit in your jacket pocket. It’s also delivering images better than ordinary smartphones.

If you’re looking for the camera brand to look at, anybody would point to Canon. This brand is a known camera producer, even then. Not only able to deliver the best DSLR camera for customers, but Point and Shoot cameras as well.

Today, we’re gonna compare two of their PnS cameras, the Canon Powershot SX 540 and its older SX 430. In order to see which one is greater between newer and older generation, let’s see the information below:

Canon PowerShot SX430

  •     Vendor: Canon
  •     Price: 200 $
  •     Release Year: 2017

The first camera on the list is the newest one, Canon Powershot SX430. If you try to compare the physical features of it, you can almost find no different. Just like the SX540, it also has the DSLR-like form. Yes, it’s only similar. The gigantic lens applied eliminates the purposes of a portable point and shoot camera, which is being a device that is easy to carry everywhere. Read also: Canon XA11 vs XA30.

The big lens exists because there’s a zoom feature that can be dependable. Still carrying some PnS cameras characteristics, SX430 has the simple interfaces for generic users. Because it’s targeted for general consumers, not for specific markets like photographers, the controls are also simple. Of course, the ring control doesn’t exist, despite its DSLR form.

Image sensor used on this camera is CCD type, rather than CMOS that you can easily find in other cameras today. Despite it’s affordable price, this camera can deliver great quality images with 20MP resolution. Because it’s actually like an updated version of SX540, the quality is even better on this camera, especially with the DIGIC 4+ camera processor.

The reason behind the form resembling a DSLR camera is the lens that is able to perform Super Zoom. The facial length this camera has is quite wide, about 24 mm to 1080mm in full frame. When zooming, the camera would be a little bit shaky. In order to eliminate this, Canon also put the Image Stabilization inside , minimizing the shaking risk.


Just like other cameras, you can also adjust the ISO manually, but only for some modes. Some of them won’t let you change or customize the ISO, all would be done automatically. That brings the idea that this camera would work well on an outdoor location with sufficient light. The zoom mode would be useful for that kind of environment.

About the display, it has the low resolution one with 230.000 dots, way inferior than DSLR’s 1.000.000 dots or other 460.000 dots that can be found on many cameras. The menu here is also very limited, yet really simple to use. You can use the easy tracking auto focus as well, which could be handy for video recording. You may also change the white balance, adjusting the ISO in several modes, adjusting the resolution, and so on. The video quality formats available are limited to HD and VGA.

Canon PowerShot SX540

  •     Vendor: Canon
  •     Price: 240 $
  •     Release Year: 2016

The SX540 is a year older than SX 430. But, many people do like this camera better than the previous one. Why? This older and more expensive camera  uses the 20.3 MP resolution with CMOS sensor, which is nice. Another thing to have is a better zoom lens with 24-1200 m and F3.4-6.5 aperture. This could work to take pictures with bokeh effects, just like SX430. The zoom lens also completed with image stabilization as well.

About the display, SX540 has better screen resolution consisting of 461.000 dots. Still the same level with the other cameras in the same price range. About the feature, this camera has better connectivity and integration. For example, the HDMI port is present, plus the GPS feature. The camera feature comes with the additional smile detection for selfie.

However, about the flash, SX430 can be connected with other external flash. So you may have the possibility to connect it to the best flash you have. But things are different in SX540 where you can only use the advantage of a built-in flash. This can be a two-bladed knife, since you don’t need to carry another accessory which means more in portability, but lacks flash adjustment.

About the formats, both SX430 and SX540 don’t have the RAW format, which can be found easily in any other cameras. But, in SX540 you may be able to capture videos using Full-HD format. It’s great for simple videos like vlogs with greater details.

Canon PowerShot SX 540 vs SX 430

- Powerful 50x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer for outstanding optical performance
- 20.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor with DIGIC 6 Image Processor helps deliver stunning image quality even in low light
- Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC allows for easy sharing and transferring of images and videos.Canon High Power Flash HF-DC2
- Capture spectacular 1080p Full HD video at 60p with stereo sound
- Professional grade, but easy enough for beginners to use
- High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor produces stunning 720p time lapse video under virtually any lighting conditions, from low light to intense backlighting
- Aspherical 19 mm f/2.0 glass lens for 2X sharpness and 4X low light performance
- the AVI file in the camera so it is instantly available with no post-processing required


Even though sometimes newer products bring better overall quality, it doesn’t work this time because the Canon Powershot SX540 nailed it. It’s an older device, even comes with more higher price, but arrived with much more better in overall features. It has a slightly better resolution, the Full HD video resolution, built-in flash, even longer zoom lens, and also better display. Even though it also does have some minuses like lacks of external flash or no raw shouting, this affordable Point-and Shoot camera can be  a great choice for newcomers or general consumers who just want to enjoy capturing moments.


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