Canon Powershot SX420 Vs SX430

Canon has many good affordable cameras for casuals and beginner photography enthusiasts like Canon Powershot SX420 Vs SX430. These cameras are perfect for anyone who starts a hobby or moves from the smartphone to take pictures. The two share many similarities from being close siblings and a few differences. Today we will see what you can expect from the cameras, the differences, and which fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What is a Bridge Camera
  • What are Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
  • How is the Design of Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
  • What are the Camera Specs of Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
  • How is the Image Quality from Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
  • How is the Video Recording in Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430
  • Canon Powershot SX420 Vs SX430

Bridge Cameras

Cameras are no longer a niche segment with how people enjoy content on the internet. Smartphone cameras are getting better, but professional cameras offer more both on the sensor and features. One unique type, the bridge camera, bridges the casuals and enthusiasts segment. This is a regular digital camera, almost like a DSLR, but smaller and lighter. The camera has a fixed lens, usually with a long, variable focal length meant to zoom into a subject. Due to this feature, this camera type is popular among travelers.

About Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430

The bridge camera has a versatile lens, which can shoot at different focal lengths. Most people buy a bridge camera because it can zoom quite far and is an optical zoom that can maintain details better than digital zoom. Many camera companies have bridge cameras in their collection, including Canon. Many may be familiar with Canon’s flagship cameras, but this company has a wide product range comprising many good affordable cameras, including the bridge type with a fixed lens.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 are ideal options for casual and beginner photographers. The cameras are affordable, have fixed lenses with variable focal lengths, and extend to zoom into your subject. You may wonder which camera to buy because the two are similar and almost identical. But, the difference is not prominent, so either camera is amazing. As expected, the SX430 is supposed to be the higher model; hence this camera has a more extended zoom range, 45x instead of 42x.

In real life, this little difference doesn’t affect the overall performance. It is also worth noting that the longest zoom range will produce the worst result in detail. Canon didn’t change the formulation for Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430, creating a virtually identical camera. We suggest getting either option that gives you the best value or is cheaper. Depending on where you live it seems the SX430 is more widely available. Read also: Canon Powershot SX420 Vs Canon EOS Rebel T100 here.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 Design

Bridge cameras like Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 are compact compared to DSLR, but they are not pocket cameras that easily fit in your jeans pocket. The two are relatively lightweight, and surprisingly the SX430 is slightly lighter than SX420 despite rocking a longer zoom. The grip is adequate for an adult’s hand and conforms to a comfortable hold. We suggest using both hands with one supporting lens to stabilize the shot. We had hoped the SX430 would have a tilting screen, but the rear panel is identical to SX420, including the layout.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 Camera Specs

Let’s see what the Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 can offer starting from the camera specs, which are also almost identical. One of the biggest advantages of a bridge camera is the fixed lens, so you don’t have to invest in different lenses, making the unit more compact. These cameras use the same sensor or 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor with 20MP effective pixels. The difference is on the lens because SX420 uses a 24 – 1008mm lens versus a 24 – 1080mm lens on the SX430. This difference makes SX430 support 45x zoom instead of 42x.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 Image Quality

Unlike entry-level DSLRs, neither of these cameras has manual and other priority modes. In most cases, you will shoot in an Auto mode which lets you adjust the ISO setting. Performance is identical because Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 use the same sensor and pixel count. The ISO performance is pretty good as long as there is enough light, and the main rule is always to shoot with the lowest ISO if possible. These cameras also handle chromatic aberration well, but you will still notice the color fringing in mixed light conditions.

When shooting at night, you may want to lower the shutter speed, but unfortunately, there is only an option for up to 15 seconds and no Bulb mode for longer exposure. At the same ISO level, both cameras produce the same result. While there is no manual mode, you can still adjust some settings like color mode, on both cameras. If you often photo macro, the focusing distance is about 1 centimeter, with the edges looking smoother than the center.

Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 Video

As for the video, the Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 can only shoot at 720p. This is lower than today’s standard because mid-range smartphones already record much better video using the main camera. But these cameras are still handy if you are in a situation where it is more convenient to use the camera instead of the phone. The video quality is acceptable but not as good as the still picture. The details are soft, and the dynamic range is much lower than the photo shooting mode.

Canon Powershot SX420 Vs SX430

The Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 are good cameras for casual photographers. These cameras are ideal for anyone who moves from the smartphone camera or doesn’t want to spend on a flagship phone with a long zoom range. The 42x and 45x optical zoom is still no match for most smartphones, and the variable focal length gives you a versatile setting for any occasion. The real difference is on the extra 3x zoom in SX430 because otherwise, the two are identical cameras.

Image quality is good from both cameras, especially with adequate lighting. Low-light performance is acceptable for the sensor size, and autofocus works well in most situations. The camera is comfortable and overall easy to use but unsuitable for hybrid users or anyone who often records video. None of these cameras can record Full HD, and the video quality is inferior to most smartphones today.

- Capture 720p HD video with clear sound
- Smart AUTO intelligently selects the proper settings for the camera based on predefined shooting situations
- Scene Modes such as Fisheye Effect, Toy Camera Effect and Monochrome provide creative freedom to capture your photos
- ECO Mode helps reduce power consumption for longer battery life
- Capture your precious memories in beautifully detailed photos and movies with this simple, connected, mini-bridge camera with big 45x zoom
- Enjoy exceptional images of your best memories, thanks to 20.0 Megapixels and an intelligent Image Stabilizer that keeps your stills sharp and movies steady
- Sharing fun moments with friends or using your smart device as a remote is easy using the Canon Connect app. Simply connect with just one tap using Wi-Fi and NFC
- Huge 45x zoom with ultra wide angle, 20 Megapixels, 720p movies, Simple access to Wi-Fi functions, Auto mode with 32-scene detection, Steady shots in every situation, Various effects for more creativity, Simply connect then share or backup wirelessly


There is no bad option between Canon Powershot SX420 and SX430 because the two are almost identical. We recommend either option for the similar performance and features, but the SX430 is often cheaper to get you a higher value.

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