Canon PowerShot SX540 VS Nikon CoolPix B600

Buying a new camera can be both simple and complicated depending on whether or not you know what you want from the device. Plenty of options for a wide range of users such as Canon Powershot SX540 Vs Nikon Coolpix B600 that are ideal for casual and beginners or even experienced people. These cameras may not be the highest in their category but they are reliable and also easy to use. If you wonder which to go for, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a New Camera
  • What are Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600
  • How are the Design of Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600
  • How are the Specs of Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600
  • How are the Image Quality of Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600
  • How are the Experience with Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600
  • Canon PowerShot SX540 Vs Nikon Coolpix B600

Buying a New Camera

Cameras are an incredible invention that affects a lot of things. While our eyes are very capable of capturing memories, not all of us will be able to recall it and having something that we can easily see or watch when we are missing it is just far more convenient. The way the camera is used preserves the memory or even time so we can revisit it again sometimes. It is also a medium to deliver a message such as in photo journalism where you can tell a story from a still picture.

In modern days photography itself can be both a profession and a hobby. Many of us are interested in photography for how the lens and camera can capture the most beautiful of what’s present around you. What matters the most of course is your skill but the device is similarly important. Without a reliable camera we can’t capture the perfect moment even though it is easily presented in front of us. Choosing a camera is like choosing a tool, the most useful tool in your pocket.

Nowadays most people may don’t want to buy a dedicated camera, instead they choose to get the most advanced smartphone in the market. The purpose is the same which is to help them capture the best photos or videos from the device and since it is more convenient, the camera becomes a huge selling point of most smartphones. But, for enthusiasts a dedicated camera is still necessary, mainly because they allow you to manually adjust the settings and decide how the photo is taken.

For those who just started to get into the hobby, any camera can be useful and if you wonder which to get, it is wise to consider what you want from the device first. If you will be buying an expensive, professional mirrorless in the near future, getting something with similar handling will be a good decision. You can start by looking around from any brand’s entry-level collection and slowly climbing your way up. Chances are most companies have more than one or two to consider.

You can start by deciding whether a DSLR or a mirrorless will be the ideal choice or you can start by how easy the menu and handling will be. Most entry-level cameras will be similar to each other but if you want a snappier system, get one from the new models. They are going to be expensive but high chances the new system is always better. You usually can count on the better color processing, low-light performance, faster menu, or even more reliable focus.

About Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600

It doesn’t mean that older cameras are bad because they are not and many of them are actually ideal for beginners or new enthusiasts and casual users alike who want a dedicated camera but don’t want to spend the amount for newer models. If you want to shop quickly we also think it is wise to set a budget range and find the options or alternatives that fall into the category. You may also want to check the basic specs and handling too.

Lots of companies are making a wide range of cameras based on who they are marketed for. Canon and Nikon for example are some of the most popular options for professionals alike but they still have plenty of options for new enthusiasts. They do carry high-end and advanced cameras but if you are just starting, it is wise to consider their entry-level DSLRS or bridge cameras. As the name suggests, bridge cameras are “bridging” the gap between beginner and professional range so we can hope to find a balance point in the middle.

For those who want to have an easy to use camera but still pretty much capable, the Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 will be very ideal. As it has been mentioned above, they are bridge cameras and we do think this type of device is versatile meaning anyone can use it whether they are interested in photography itself or just want something to take a picture with. One useful feature in bridge cameras is their long zoom lens.

This is extremely useful when you need to capture something that is further away such as wild animals without actually getting closer to them. Both Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 are carrying this feature and personally what we like the most from the two is their ease of use. They feel like a step up from a pocket digital camera with more manual control but not yet overwhelming. In comparison we will recommend the SX540 for its slight advantage. Read also: Canon PowerShot SX540 Vs Rebel T7 here.

Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 Design 

Before getting into what these cameras can offer, first let’s take a look into the unit and similar to most bridge cameras out there, these SLRs are also very compact. From the form factor Canon is about 120mm wide, 82 mm tall, and 92 mm deep while Nikon is 122 mm wide, 82 mm tall, and 99 mm deep. The handle on Nikon B500 is slightly deeper and slimmer compared to the SX540 but personally either of them is good and feels great on hand.

Another noticeable difference is mostly about button setup but it is not far different from each other and in general they are very simple compared to typical high-end cameras. What we are not very happy about is the lack of modernity on the rear panel because none have at least a tilting screen. It may not be necessary for some people but we love to have an adjustable display for an easier application such as when you have to shoot above the head or very low.

Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 can offer starting from their basic specs. As expected, they are only using smaller sensors or the 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor. The pixel count is different however as SX540 is providing a 20MP resolution while the B600 is 16MP. The lens is fixed and they are respectively featured with 24-1200mm F3.4-6.5 zoom lens compared to 24-1440mm F3.3-6.5 zoom lens. As for the zoom range, they are 50 and 60x zoom in comparison.

Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 Image Quality

The difference in spec also results in small differences when you are using the camera because it is noticeable that B600 is capable of doing a slightly further zoom with its 1440 telephoto. Side by side on the normal setting they are going to shoot the same wide angle view. From the screen the pictures look pretty similar to each other depending on the situation and the additional pixels will be more noticeable once you move the file into a larger device like a computer or smartphone.

The additional pixels improve image quality and make it look sharper as well so you can resize it easier. Low-light performance is decent but we can’t say anything amazing for either Canon PowerShot SX540 or Nikon Coolpix B600 since there is only so much the small sensor can perform. They are good but do expect some noise. The built-in flash can be useful but a proper lightning will be much better. Considering the aperture, none of them are fast cameras but this is to be expected.

Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 Experience 

From the handling side, the Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 are very comfortable for most people. There is plenty of room to grip the camera firmly and all of the buttons or controls are placed almost at the exact same location too. The only drawback in our opinion is the fixed rear screen and we have to say that the B600 is noticeably better with probably twice the amount of pixels in SX540. As entry-level, none of them have a viewfinder.

What makes us prefer the SX540 while it has some prominent drawbacks is because the lens has a manual focus mode and manual exposure too. On the additional side both cameras do have optical image stabilization as well which makes the shooting experience better especially at lower shutter speed.

Canon PowerShot SX540 Vs Nikon Coolpix B600

Both Canon PowerShot SX540 and Nikon Coolpix B600 are good cameras and they are actually very comparable to each other with currently almost identical price points. The noticeable differences are because SX540 has higher pixel and manual focusing while the B600 has the better screen quality, longer zoom range, and is currently cheaper than SX540. Image quality wise they are about the same, moreover if we will print in relatively moderate size or posting on social media.

- Powerful 50x optical zoom with optical image stabilizer for outstanding optical performance
- 20.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor with DIGIC 6 Image Processor helps deliver stunning image quality even in low light
- Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC allows for easy sharing and transferring of images and videos. Canon High Power Flash HF-DC2
- Capture spectacular 1080p Full HD video at 60p with stereo sound
- 60x optical zoom, 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom
- 16 Megapixel low-light sensor
- Full HD 1080/60i (50i) videos with 4-Axis Hybrid VR and stereo audio
- 19 scene modes and 36 Creative effects


There is no bad option and we do think you can go amazing with any of them based on what they can offer. Personally we will recommend SX540 because while the screen is less impressive, this camera offers more manual adjustment such as manual focus and exposure if you will be using it to build up the skills.


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