Canon PowerShot SX540 VS Rebel T7

Having a dedicated camera is great to improve your ability to capture beautiful shots or recording wonderful footage. However, there are also plenty of good cameras to choose and for beginners, we do think alternatives like Canon PowerShot SX540 Vs Rebel T7 will be ideal choices to consider. These cameras are affordable and come with a good system as well as interface to work with. If you are considering the two, let’s see below about what they can offer. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose the Camera for Beginner
  • What are Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7
  • How are the Design of Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7
  • How are the Specs of Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7
  • How are the Image Quality of Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7
  • How are the Experience with Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7
  • Canon PowerShot SX540 Vs Rebel T7

Choosing a Camera for Beginner

There is nothing wrong with smartphone cameras. In fact they are much more capable than how we used to know them back then. In the past, smartphone cameras were just so bad if you want to actually print them but nowadays many are just as amazing as dedicated cameras, especially those on the entry and mid-range. The ability to capture an image will vary based on the hardware and software used in your device so it is not surprising that expensive phones will capture much better pictures too.

However, things are different for people who are interested in the photography world itself because smartphone camera don’t provide the freedom a dedicated camera can offer and we are bound to the same hardware and system as well unlike professional cameras that provide lots of adjustment for you to build the skill and to match the camera with the situation or how you want to capture the picture. This is why dedicated cameras are still developed and improved in the market full of flagship phones.

It doesn’t mean that professional cameras are hard to use or don’t have any automatic modes because even those aimed at professional users will have some automation just to help them to take the shot when needed. In general almost all dedicated cameras will give you an option to adjust the exposure, focus, shooting modes, and everything that can be manually adjusted to design your picture. Yet, not every camera will have the same level of control and ease of use.

For new enthusiasts, it is more important to get something that you can grow with and being easy to use is a major factor to choose one. Manual mode will improve the skills but to a certain level since you will also need the higher model with the higher skill and experience achieved. For those who don’t have a particular issue with their budget or can spend as much as they want, it is mostly better to get something newer or new.

It is not necessary since there are plenty of older systems that can be good choices but, the newer the system, the newer technology implemented and logically companies always strive to better their products. Even when they have the same rough specs, chances are their new cameras will be better in capturing the image, better in low light, accuracy, speed, and autofocus. These common factors are what usually improve from system to system. Overall you will get a “snappier” camera when investing in a new one.

About Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7

What makes shopping confusing is when we need to match the preference with the budget because naturally we all want the best options. The best options unfortunately often cost a lot as well and this leads us to balance the two. If the newer camera that you aim is still too expensive, we can try their older model or famous cameras from a few years back. They may not be breathtaking but should be ideal for many users including beginners who want to develop their skills.

You can find good options from almost any brands that develop dedicated cameras based on which seems to match your interest. For example we have Canon which used to be very well-known for their DSLRs but you can find more than plenty of mirrorless as well from their collection. They do tend to use specific terms for their cameras and accessories however so it can be kind of confusing sometimes. They do have some of the most capable cameras in the market but they are also quite expensive.

For those who want to shop on a budget but still get something reliable, the Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7 are pretty interesting options to consider. These cameras have been around for years so you can buy them at a much lower price point. The two are digital SLR and the most noticeable difference is probably because the T7 is not only newer but also comes with an interchangeable lens system. What’s much loved from these cameras are the ease of use and image quality.

It is easy to choose between the two based on which seems to pique your interest and how you will want to use the device in action. In our opinion between the Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7, the first camera will be better for anyone who just wants a dedicated device to shoot their experience. It will most likely be used in auto mode thus, it is convenient. On the other hand, the T7 can be a great start for enthusiasts to get used to higher-end cameras.

Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7 Design

Before getting into what these cameras can offer, let’s take a look into the unit first. As you can see, they are kind of similar too. The cameras are pretty compact so you can definitely carry them without much effort while traveling. The overall dimension is a bit larger on the T7 but it is still fairly compact at 129 mm wide, 101 mm tall, and 78 mm thick. It comes with the lens too while the SX540’s system is fixed. Read also: Canon PowerShot SX540 Vs Nikon CoolPix B500 here.

The housing is standard, we don’t think there is any weather sealing here so the shooting condition should be moderate. What’s unfortunate from their design alone is the decision to use a fixed rear panel on both cameras because it is just outdated if you love taking shots at different angles. But, at least the T7 is looking much better in quality compared to SX540. In addition, you can notice how simple SX540 is based on the control scheme.


Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7 Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see about what they can offer starting from the specs since Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7 are very different here. As it has been mentioned above, the T7 is a digital SLR and this is an APS-C camera meaning the physical size is at 22.3 x 14.9 mm while the SX540 is a 1/2.3 mm type or 6.17 x 4.55 mm in size, similar to what our smartphones are using. In comparison the T7 also carries the higher 24MP pixel as opposed to 20MP.

Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7 Image Quality

For the image quality, both cameras are actually great for so many occasions but you can see the differences when peeping into the image. The difference in resolution and sensor will be apparent but they won’t really matter if you just snap the picture and go with it. In comparison to many good modern cameras T7 is actually quite outdated too so if you will often use the camera under low light conditions they are not the best to go for.

We do think the picture quality is great when they get adequate light and for the SX540, we can see it being a companion of travelers. Since the system is very easy to use, it is just point-and-shoot with minimum manual adjustment to make. The result is pretty good too and compared to T7 Rebel it is still awesome when viewed from a computer screen or laptop. For editing purposes more pixels can be useful however since you can resize it easier.

Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7 Experience 

For the experience, Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7 are very fun to use but you may feel like the SX540 is too simple, especially for people who plan to buy something at a higher price range after this camera. The T7 interface is more similar to those professional cameras so you can achieve more freedom when framing the picture. It may not feel as convenient but it also has the auto mode if you want to just snap and go.

Side by side we do think the T7 is better in low light condition as well as autofocus even though it is not amazing by today’s standard, it is still more reliable. For the video recording applications, none can record at 4K so the highest resolution is 1080p but it should be enough for most of us.

Canon PowerShot SX540 Vs Rebel T7

There are so many good cameras for beginners including Canon PowerShot SX540 and Rebel T7. These cameras are pretty similar in image quality but you can get more from T7 with its interchangeable lens, more pixels to work with and larger sensor as well to improve the application in low light condition. In addition, the manual adjustment on T7 is better for those who will move into higher end cameras while the auto mode is just similarly convenient.

- Powerful 50x optical zoom with optical image stabilizer for outstanding optical performance
- 20.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor with DIGIC 6 Image Processor helps deliver stunning image quality even in low light
- Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC allows for easy sharing and transferring of images and videos. Canon High Power Flash HF-DC2
- Capture spectacular 1080p Full HD video at 60p with stereo sound
- 24.1 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor with is 100–6400 (H: 12800)
- Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology
- 9-Point AF system and AI Servo AF
- Optical Viewfinder with approx 95% viewing coverage


The choice is all yours based on which seems to work best on your type of application or preference. But, if you are using them to develop photography skills, we will highly recommend getting the Rebel T7 because of its higher features.  


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