Canon Vixia Mini X vs. Zoom Q4

Canon Vixia Mini X and Zoom Q4 are two compact and portable video recorders. If you want to record videos with high quality but don’t want to use something excessively bulky and heavy, these two products make feasible choices. However, Canon Vixia Mini X has been priced quite more expensively compared to Zoom Q4. So, does it mean that Canon Vixia Mini X is better than Zoom Q4? Before we make a judgment, let us take a look at the comparisons between these two models.


If you try to put these two products next to each other, you can immediately notice that Canon Vixia Mini X is quite significantly more compact and lightweight compared to Zoom Q4. Perhaps Canon Vixia Mini X doesn’t exactly look like a video recorder to most people due to the very small form factor. It has been shaped rectangularly, like a piece of thick bread, with the lens facing the front side and the display screen placed on the top side. The connection ports and controls are put neatly on the left and right sides. It is very convenient and easy to handle. On the other hand, Zoom Q4 is relatively bulkier. This is due to the display screen and stereo mics that are sticking outwards. Nevertheless, Zoom Q4 is indeed a powerful video recorder, featuring various onboard features for easy and practical control. The display screen is detachable, too, so Zoom Q4 can actually be a little bit more compact.

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Now, comparing Canon Vixia Mini X and Zoom Q4 can be quite tricky. Both models record videos in a maximum resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080). However, Canon Vixia Mini X is able to record in two formats. You can choose the MP4 format for 30fps or 24fps frame rate, or the AVCHD format for 60fps frame rate that promotes smoother, more fluid movements. In addition, Canon Vixia Mini X also has a built-in image stabilization that eliminates blur very well. Both Canon Vixia Mini X and Zoom Q4 have been armed with stereo microphones that allow for capturing high-quality realistic and immersive audio. Canon Vixia Mini X also features several shooting modes and audio scene presets that are very handy to easily adapt to any condition and purpose.

- Canon f/2.8 fisheye lens offers a unique and creative perspective.
- Record Full HD video in MP4 (30p/24p) or AVCHD (60i) format to a removable SD memory card.
- Shoot in Wide mode, or choose Close-up mode ¬with image stabilization to help correct camera shake.
- HD video resolutions up to 1080p (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264).
- Capture more with 130-degree wide angle lens.
- Live-streaming function with HD video.

Canon Vixia Mini X vs. Zoom Q4
Finally, we can see that Canon Vixia Mini X is indeed better than Zoom Q4. The design is much more compact and convenient to use, and the recording quality is also better. The modes and scene presets are also very handy to use!

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