Canon XA35 vs. Sony PXW X70

There are so many camcorder that not only has a great quality and features but also affordable. These camcorder offer their user the professional-like features and experience. Among them there are Canon XA35 and Sony PXW X70. If you need to purchase a camcorder for your next project, then you should read our article below. Because we are going to compare the famous Canon XA35 and PXW X70 and see, which one will suit you better.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Canon XA35 and Sony PXW X70
– What Canon XA35 and Sony PXW X70 can offer to you
– Canon XA35 vs Sony PXW X70

About Canon XA35
Canon XA35 is one camcorder among the XA line that was released by Sony in recent years. It is said that the XA35 released to continue its predecessor the XA25. The new feature planted in the camera is the new HD CMOS Image sensor that is able to boost the camcorders signal-to-noise ratio to well over 32dB. This feature will help the user produce sharper images especially under low light condition. Other upgrade in this release is the Canon Wide DR, interval recording, and highlight priority gamma mode. Read our article about Canon XA35 vs XF100 if you are interested on similar item.

Canon XA35 Features
Looking at its built, this camcorder is the perfect choice for “run and gun” ENG productions. The size is pretty compact and easy to carry and made to be used in a wide variety of shooting situations. To support this, the XA35 has an intelligent optical image stabilization system, which able to automatically detect and choose the proper stabilization mode. This camera is also equipped with 20x Canon optical zoom lens with a versatile 35 mm equivalent range of 26.8 to 576 mm.

Aside from those features, the XA35 add the standard gamma mode with Wide DR and Highlight Priority Gamma modes. Wide DR able to compress high brightness areas and achieve a wider dynamic range of 600%. This feature not only suppress overexposure, but also able to produce smoother gradation in highlights and shadows, while maintaining the quality to lessen the need of post-production editing. The Highlight Priority Modes will also give you the quality similar to HDR by reducing the amount of highlight and mid-tone compression on the gamma curve and help you maintaining highlight exposure.

The LED panel in the X35 is a touch screen panel with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and a color electronic viewfinder with 1.560.000 dots. You can use the camera in two modes, which is the manual and automatic modes to adjust the exposure, focus, white balance, gain, and shutter speed. It also has some professional like features, such as pre-record buffer, peaking, zebra bars, color bars and reference tone. As you can see in the picture, this unit came with a mic holder and two XLR connectors. It also has two built in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slots to let you record video in both cards at the same time.

About Sony PXW X70
The Sony PXW X70 is considered as professional camera that was release by Sony to follow the step of AX100. The improvement in this camcorder from the previous AX100 is not only the firmware. Take a look from its body, the X70 has fatter or bigger grip than the AX100.

The PXW X70 is the first compact camcorder in the XDCAM range, which break the ground by combining its small build and the large image sensor. The sensor this camcorder comes with is the 1” type sensor, which is larger than super-16 sized sensor and more than 8 times the size of 1/3” sensor. This sensor features a back-side illuminated design to improve the image under low light condition.

Sony PXW X70 Features
Taken from bhphotovideo, the PXW X70 has an integrated 12x optical zoom lens together with a manual lens ring to control zoom or focus and three level of switchable ND filter. At the top handle you will find two 3-pin XLR inputs for recording audio from XLR microphones. The design is pretty compact and weigh only 3 pounds with the handle unit, lens hood and large eye-cup. The camcorder also able to do 12x optical zoom and 24x clear image zoom that will keep the HD quality and when used with digital extender, you can zoom up to 48x. Similar to Canon XA35 above, the X70 also able to record to two SD memory card slots that can be used simultaneously, relay or to backup your files. With the NFC function, you will be able to easily connect your camera to a smartphones or tablet and use your device as the remote to adjust spot focus and iris adjustment.

Canon XA35 vs. Sony PXW X70

- BP-820 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (1780mAh)
- Lens Hood
- CA-570 Compact AC Power Adapter
- Top Handle Unit
- WL-D89 Wireless Controller
- High sensitivity and high resolution
- Optical 12x ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T lens with lens ring
- 24x Clear Image Zoom
- ND filter control mechanism
- Focus, Zoom, and Iris manual control

For the recording quality, the Sony PXW X70 is better than Canon XA35, since the Canon XA35 only has 3.09 total Megapixels, while the X70 has 14.2 total Megapixels. The X70 will able to easily capture every detail in the view. However in the zooming feature, the XA35 is better than X70, since XA35 has 20x optical zoom while X70 only has 12x optical zoom. The XA35 also sold in higher price than the Sony PXW X70. In our opinion, if you prefer a camcorder that able to give you better details and comes in an affordable price, we will recommend you the Sony PXW X70.

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