Canon XA50 vs XA40

For casual video recording, our smartphone will be enough but for a more professional result, you will also need a better video recorder such as Canon XA50 Vs XA40. These cameras are aimed at beginners to learn and get used to the more professional gear or those who want to spend a less budget yet will not compromise on quality. If you are also considering to choose one of these cameras, go check what they can offer and pick one that fits your preference better here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Need a Professional Camcorder
  • What are Canon XA50 and XA40
  • What Canon XA50 and XA40 Look Like
  • How are the Image Performance of Canon XA50 and XA40
  • What else Canon XA50 and XA40 can offer
  • How are the Audio Connectivity in Canon XA50 and XA40
  • Canon XA50 Vs XA40

Professional Camcorder

Just like everything else, certain products are made for certain types of users and they are built to deliver a better performance for this group of people which is why it is always best to shop based on your needs. Camera is one of those products that not all of us need but want at a point yet, the majority of users should be able to use the one in the smartphone especially for casual purposes, supported by how big companies offer flagships with much better cameras today.

The higher-end products in this case camera is aimed for people who want more than just aim and shoot or recording a cover video for their social media posts. Some are designed for beginners to start their journey, some are made for more experienced people to bridge their level and others are made for professional purposes or if you will be making money with the content created; be it photos or footage and if this sounds like you, there are some factors to consider.

  • Professional Camcorder and Manual Control

In the past, we have been using various camcorders and we are sure many people also have tried at least one similar device before. This type of camera is built around convenience so there is lots of automation here and as opposed, a professional camera is going to give you wider manual adjustment for the camera so it is not very user-friendly. These however will allow you to address every situation, making the videographer more creative about how they handle the condition.

  • Professional Camcorder and Connectors

Amateur home video will mostly rely on memory cards to transfer the file into their main device or for further processing but you will find lots in a professional device since in most cases we will want to connect various additional tools to work together with the camera. For example, there will be SDI or HDMI and XLR for the external microphone.

  • Professional Camcorder and Large Sensor

Large sensors are often related to high-end cameras and it is because larger sensors means more light which makes them better under insufficient lighting. This will also improve your image result as it will give more detail and professional gear will need to offer the best quality for their customers. Yet, depending on user preference, in comparison many DSLR or Mirrorless will have bigger sensors than camcorder hence in some situations you will see some choose to use the latter especially when shooting on a budget.

About Canon XA50 and XA40

If these seem like what you want to achieve, then a professional camcorder will be a great choice to consider with all of the benefits to improve our video quality but also improve our experience and skill as the videographer. There will be tons of options in the market from different brands and even one company usually has more than a pair to offer. Besides what you want to get from the product, it is quick to shop based on the budget range.

When talking about video cameras, lots of brands will come to mind but Canon will be one of the strongest players in the market. This company has been making reliable cameras for a long time and both casual and professional users are liking their products depending on which fit the activity better. Besides the more popular DSLR and Mirrorless for those interested in photography, they also have video cameras ready for amateur to professional videographers in the catalog. 

Beginner or entry-level professional camcorders are mostly starting at around $1000, varying depending on their features or capabilities. If you will be spending at this price range, Canon XA50 and XA40 are going to be very ideal options to go with. Both of them are close brothers as the name suggests so you will get what is mostly available or possible in one camera also present in the next. In our opinion, what shines the most in these models are the better image resolution as they offer it at 4K.

While they do offer the footage at the same resolution, it doesn’t mean the Canon XA50 and XA40 will be identical to each other for there is about a $500 price gap between the two. Overall the big brother XA50 will be a better option if you have the budget as it is carrying a higher spec that may affect the video quality. However, besides the image quality, it seems that most of the capabilities from the cameras are pretty much the same including how they are operated.

Canon XA50 and XA40 Design

Difference in the spec makes the weight of these cameras quite different as well because the XA50 will be heavier in general for about 400 grams compared to the XA40 despite how the overall frame stays closely similar to each other. The little brother is measured at 5.2-inch by 7.1-inch by 9.1-inch compared to 5.5-inch by 8.5-inch by 10.4-inch including lens hood, battery pack, and mic holder as well as the handle unit. The body material itself seems to be the same as it feels robust and durable.

The control placement seems to be fairly similar in both camcorders and there is minor placement as the audio adjustment will be extended into the top surface of the side control as opposed to be packed together in this small space. They have a regular folding display and it is the standard 3-inch LCD with wide angle and side color range supported with AR surface treatment as well as carrying approximately 460k dots. Read also: Canon XA50 Vs XF400.

Canon XA50 and XA40 Image Specification

Moving further, let’s check these cameras further. Starting with the image quality, it is true that both cameras will be able to shoot at 4K but, what sets them apart from each other is the fact that XA50 is accompanied by a bigger 1-inch sensor compared to the 1/2.3 inch type used in the little brother. This huge sensor will make the camera more reliable as it captures more light and the more light they collect, the more details or the better your image will look like.

The effective pixels however, stay similar to each other which means the XA50 also has bigger pixel sizes in comparison to XA40 since the amount only differs a little while the sensor size is few times larger. In addition, they are offering a few different frame rates for the video taken but in general you can record up to 60 frames per second in both Full HD and 4K with the XA50 while its little brother is limiting the 4K only up to 30 frames per second.

Canon XA50 and XA40 Features

On the feature part, our favorite is their dual SD card slots, making it possible to store the file into two memory cards but the XA50 will also offer an HDMI output if needed with a color depth up to 10 bit in both XF-AVC and MP4 format. What’s great about the dual SD card slots is now we can simultaneously relay recording in both available formats which mean we can store in two cards at the same time or relay the operation so then when the first one is full, the next memory will be used.

Additionally, there is a slow and fast motion modes in either cameras to allow user to record at different frame rate than the playback frame rate if you want to cut down a journey footage or get a detailed shots of a process which can be as fast as 1200x or as slow as 0.4x depending on the format and video resolution.

Canon XA50 and XA40 Audio

As for the audio recording, you can use various microphones here through the XLR terminals, using the internal stereo mini-jack mic terminal or using the camcorder internal stereo microphone. Canon XA50 and XA40 have AAV 2ch audio and in addition there is a PCM 4ch for high quality linear audio as well. There will be a set of different settings on the camera to let you adjust the recording levels, input sensitivity, and limiters for each channel.

Canon XA50 vs XA40

These professional camcorders are pretty much similar to each other but they are also a little bit different because the XA50 will be placed as a higher camera as it carries bigger sensor, few times larger than the XA40 yet, they have a very similar pixel count and while the big brother can gather more light for overall better video quality, the latter will also still looks great in most cases. The X40 however, can only record the 4K up to 30 frames per seconds as opposed to 60 frames and additionally, the XA50 offers HDMI output as well.

- Optical Sensor Resolution: 13.4
- Max Focal Length: 382.5
- Viewfinder Type: Lcd
- Lens Type: Fixed
- 4K UHD 30p recording
- 20X optical zoom lens
- 3 inch LCD Touchscreen
- Dual SD card slots


You can pick any of these cameras depending on the budget but if you want the better choice, XA50 will be the clear answer yet it doesn’t mean XA40 is a bad camera since you will still get a good image quality with this model especially if budget is restricted.


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