Canon XA50 vs XA55

What number of cameras can catch 4K content? In excess of a couple, of course.

In any case, there is a major distinction between excellent 4K and lower quality 4K. There is likewise a significant improvement to be found between having or not having great self-adjust highlights, how open those highlights are, and how versatile your camcorder can be in different lighting conditions.

That can make more excellent expert camcorders somewhat hard to comprehend for individuals who are not tech wizards. In such a case that you can get a 4K camera for 400 USD, why utilize a camcorder that costs more like two thousand?

The appropriate response is somewhat confusing, yet it is the reason camcorders like the XA50 and XA55 are made to accomplish more than only shoot video. Canon has declared the most recent increases to its expert XA-arrangement with two new 4K UHD camcorders – the XA50 and XA55.

The XA55 and XA50 are 4K UHD camcorders with a 1.0-type sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and a 15x Optical zoom. The main distinction between these two is that the XA55 has 3G SDI.

Every one of the two cameras are appropriate for 4K UHD and HD creations. Using Over Sampling, the HD chronicles profit by utilizing the entire sensor segment.

The new XA-arrangement camcorders are being focused on proficient clients for applications, for example, news gathering, corporate video, and narrative creation. For deeper insight, take a look at the comparison down below.

Shooting Capacity 

Both the XA50 and XA55 are worked with a 1″ CMOS sensor, a couple of XLR sound inputs, and a smaller than normal HDMI yield. Eminently, that sensor is almost multiple times bigger than the more typical 1/2.84″ CMOS sensor, similar to what you may discover on a more introductory level camcorder. 

Furthermore, the bigger sensor really has countless favorable circumstances. A large portion of them have to do with working in lower lighting conditions, and lessening clamor in your shots around those conditions. 

In any case, the bigger sensor is likewise useful for working with a shallow profundity of field close by enormous gap shots, empowering you to arrive at a more noteworthy profundity of visual control simultaneously. The affectability of the sensor and low clamor is likewise halfway the aftereffect of the XA50 and XA55 both working around the DIGIC DV6 imaging engine, for a progressively natural-looking picture presentation. 

Talking about natural-looking pictures, the two camcorders are developed to give wide powerful range gamma support, equipped for extending to 800% past norm. That sort of range takes into consideration a practically consistent level of gradations between various tones of shading, helping make your picture come out looking a lot smoother. 

There is additionally an a lot more noteworthy feeling of shading accuracy – and with a little consideration, you can wipe out undesirable features and extinguished edges that end up overexposed. Read also: Canon VIXIA HF G40 vs Sony AX53.

Equipment Configuration 

The XA50 and XA55 are additionally made with a separable handle, which can be immediately removed or added to the body of the camcorder without the requirement for any devices. When appended, you will discover the handle utilizes a quite astute zoom switch, and a well-situated start/stop button that is available with your thumb while holding the gadget. 

Since the handle can be expelled, it might be important that it is additionally replaceable on the off chance that you wind up losing it or harming it. The handle additionally has a couple of XLR terminals which can be autonomously overseen, so sound level management is not a problem among progressively complex sound arrangements. 

In like manner, the handle can mount a microphone and a cold-shoe also, so you can include one of Canon’s other discretionary peripherals sometime in the not too distant future. Genuinely, these camcorders measure 8.5″ in stature when you have the handle joined, and 10.4″ long. 

In case you are ignoring the handle, or you pop it off, the stature drops down to an increasingly sensible 3.6″. In either case, they weigh about 2.1 lbs when you are just estimating the heaviness of the body, which makes them quite lightweight and reasonable for gear with this much power inside. 

The Difference 

There is just a single huge contrast between the XA50 and the XA55. The thing that matters is that the XA55 bolsters 3G SDI, and the XA50 does not. 

For individuals who totally should work in the sequential advanced interface, that settles on the XA55 the more evident decision. Yet, it is a decision that can add almost 20% to the cost of the camera. 

So novices who do not have to get to 3G SDI will most likely be in an ideal situation adhering to the XA50. Wherever else, the XA50 and XA55 are basically precisely the same machine, directly down to the double SD card openings which they use to record data. 

Visual Display and Internal Hardware 

Talking about the LCD, the installed screen is really a 3″ conboard screen, running close by a 0.24″ electronic viewfinder for helping you outline up your next shot. The EVF is perfect for recognizing faces, as examined above, but on the other hand, it has a large group of menu alternatives to assist you with arranging and controlling the masterful and expert potential lurking inside these machines.

Canon XA50 vs XA55

- Optical Sensor Resolution: 13.4
- Max Focal Length: 382.5
- Viewfinder Type: Lcd
- Lens Type: Fixed
- Optical Sensor Resolution: 13.4
- Max Focal Length: 382.5
- Viewfinder Type: Lcd
- Lens Type: Fixed


Both the XA50 and XA55 have a significant sticker price. In any case, they likewise can offer a considerable amount consequently. 

In addition to the fact that they deliver 4K content, they convey exceptionally great 4K content, on account of a 1″ CMOS sensor, because of help for a wide unique range, and thanks to support from their incredible auto center highlights. With all the potential for development on both of these camcorders, it is extremely simple to perceive any reason why experts running news groups or shooting narratives should get their hands on one. 

It unquestionably does not hurt that Canon additionally has an entirely hearty library of discretionary embellishments you can get to follow alongside these units. Which makes them worth cautious thought for any individual who is keen on proficient quality 4K capture.


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