Canon XA50 vs XF400

Professional camcorders are the best choice for those who are looking for better image quality and when you are going to use the footage for more serious purposes such as shared with a wider audience. If you are also planning to spend less, Canon XA 50 Vs XF 400 will be very ideal models to consider because they are quite affordable but also able to deliver good videos along with some professional functions. Before getting any of them go check what they can offer and pick the best option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Camcorder to Purchase
  • What are Canon XA50 and XF400
  • What Canon XA50 and XF400 Look Like
  • How are the Image Quality of Canon XA50 and XF400
  • How are the Lens System in Canon XA50 and XF400
  • What else Canon XA50 and XF400 can offer
  • Canon XA 50 Vs XF 400

Personal and Professional Camcorder

Some of us may wonder whether a video recorder or camcorder are still relevant today because of the increasing amount of reliable cameras which can be accessed easily without spending thousands of dollars. The answer is surely different depending on which point of view you will be seeing this question because not all of us are going to have the same activities which need the help of a dedicated camera. Only those who are going to record video professionally or looking for certain quality in camcorder will need the option.

  • Personal Camcorder

One of the most common reasons on why some of us are going with camcorder is for the zooming ability because while our phone is featured with a range of zooms already, they are still not sufficient if you will be taking a look at a game from a further away seat or checking a detail of some object while traveling. Camcorders mostly have small sensors which translates to average video quality but they allow for zooming lens that makes it a great choice for certain applications.

  • Professional Camcorder

On the other hand, professional camcorders are all about better video quality thus, they are mostly paired with bigger sensors as well and zooming is not a very much needed capability here in comparison to personal video recorder. The first thing most of us are looking for in a professional camcorder is manual control which is not offered in cheap camcorder. Here you will find direct manual control of each setting so we can adjust the camera to each condition or the situation where you will be recording.

The next capability that we want in a professional camera is the professional connectors as well since in some cases you will be connecting them with some other tools such as an outboard monitor or additional external microphones. In some models you will also find SDI connectors or HDMI and for the sound source, we prefer to have XLR port. Video format is another reason why professional camcorder is superior and typically you can record footage in either AVCHD or MP4.

Most video cameras today are featured with image stabilization, even some DSLR and Mirrorless are starting to pack the feature in for hybrid users and this is also present in professional camera to aid movement. In addition, if you are going to play the footage on a bigger screen, larger resolution is always a better answer and depending on the camera, some more expensive professional camcorders today are going to let you record in 4K quality yet, some of its drawback besides file size will be post-production editing.

About Canon XA50 and XF400

Depending on your preference and needs, our option will be different as well and it is always best to pick the one that fits with the application the most. There are lots of options in the market from affordable entry-level products to those with higher price range made for use in a professional situation but not all of them will be able to deliver the best performance. Most however are similar to each other with little to prominent difference. For those with less time to shop, we do recommend setting a budget range first.

If you have a favorite brand already, we can stay with the option because in most cases they will carry a certain type of camera you will need and among those many choices of manufacturers releasing great products, Canon is a must check for camera buyers. They are one of the main players in the market and the reason why we love their products is because of the good quality and wide range of choices to choose from both for casual and more serious users.

They have different product lines in the collection which used to be quite different to each other but as the products expand with more models, you will see lots of similarities between lines as well which can be hard to distinguish with each other. If you will be recording in 4K, two of the most affordable options from this brand are Canon XA50 and XF400 which come with an identical set of capabilities as well as similar price point.

In the past, the XA and XF lines are different with the former slightly coming with some crucial improvements but as Canon release the XF400 and XF405, the difference becomes blurry as these are two of the first from their line to be able to record at 4K. Canon XA50 and XF400 are pretty much similar to each other and overall you will be able to get the same video quality from both of them but there is one feature not present on the former that makes it more expensive in comparison.

Canon XA50 and XF400 Design

Just like any cheap professional camcorders out there, these two are very much the same size at about twice larger than most compact models, they are easy to hold with one hand and weighing slightly heavier than 2 lbs. The housing is good, material seems sturdy and durable with the same fashion and overall control placement as well as design. Side by side, it is difficult to tell these two apart for this much similarity yet you can always read the model name to be sure.

They come with the same foldable, flipping display which is already made to be touch-sensitive and large enough for detailed viewing at 3.5-inch with wide color range and AR surface treatment but side by side the XF400 will look better since it has about 3 times more pixel in comparison. As for the viewfinder, they have the same 0.24-inch TFT wide color LCD with approximately 1.56 million dots and 100% FOV.

Canon XA50 and XF400 Image Quality

Moving further, let’s check what Canon XA50 and XF400 can offer and starting with the imaging technology, both of them are coming with the same 1-inch sensor, the same with Canon XA11 Vs XA15 but these two are already capable of capturing footage up to 4268 x 3148 at 30 frames per second and HD up to 60 frames per second. You will also be able to choose the recording format to MP4 or XF-AVC on any of the cameras.

As for the audio recording system, both of them are recording with 2 or 4 channels as your preferred but it can be limited to the recording mode you are currently in. As for the quality, they are already capable of taking a very good image quality with crisp details and great contrast as well as good dynamic range. If needed, you can also connect external microphone through the provided 3.5mm stereo mini-jack or XLR 3-pin jack. They also have a headphone port when you need to monitor the audio. 

Canon XA50 and XF400 Lens

Not only the imaging system, Canon XA50 and XF400 are also the same when it comes to the lens option and overall convenient when using the camera. You will find two rings here and both of them are coming preset at focus and zoom which are adjustable for another function if needed. The zoom range is 15x or 35mm equivalent while the minimum focusing distance is 10mm at wide end. You will also need to get used to utilize the Function button on the screen.

This action will open the on-screen controls that will let the user adjust white balance, a manual/auto focus button, a manual/full auto switch, and lens ring that we have mentioned earlier which is also adjustable. Getting used to all of these functions is not instant but you can become familiar quickly as we practice with these cameras.

Canon XA50 and XF400 Feature

The last part we want to mention is their feature and this is what set Canon XA50 and XF400 apart the most because besides the better LCD, the latter is also coming with wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and this is useful for anyone who will be broadcasting their video live. This model will allow you to transmit the recorded files to be shared and transmitted back to the station or home base via FTP for editing or live streaming as well as be accessed remotely from a normal web browser running on compatible smart device.

Canon XA50 vs XF400

Both of these cameras are more similar than different so you can go well with either of them but they do have some differences that put justice into the price gap. The XF400 overall is the higher option as it will give you better LCD and a wireless connectivity in case you are looking for a better camcorder and need the convenient quality of this Wi-Fi system. Besides these two, you will get the same image quality and functions on both Canon XA50 and XF400.

- Optical Sensor Resolution: 13.4
- Max Focal Length: 382.5
- Viewfinder Type: Lcd
- Lens Type: Fixed
- 8.29 Megapixel 1.0-inch 4K UHD CMOS Image Sensor
- 15x Optical Zoom Lens
- 5-axis Optical Image Stabilizer
- 4K UHD and Full HD Recording to Dual SD Card Slots


All in all we can shop based on the need and budget but for those who won’t need the wireless transmission feature, we do recommend getting Canon XA50 because it has the same recording system and quality but friendlier price point.


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