Datacolor SpyderX Pro vs Elite

Display calibration may not a very often topic to be brought bay just anyone but it certainly is for those whose works are dealing with pictures which have lost of colors. If you are also one of us, Datacolor SpyderX Pro Vs Elite are two great display calibrator tools to have around to set the monitor to show us the real color so it can match with whatever we plan to do. If you are confused about which to choose, see what we can expect from them below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why doing Display Calibration
– How to Calibrate Display
– What are Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite
– What Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite Look like
– How are the Colorimeter in Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite
– Are Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite Easy to Use
– How to Calibrate using Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite
– Datacolor SpyderX Pro Vs Elite

Display Calibration
Computer has become very powerful that almost all of us at certain point will rely on this useful device to create many things including for a more serious professional purposes. Computer is a set of input, processor, and output that works together but apparently, the output is not always the same between computers or between monitors and this is why we often see the same file of pictures differently to other people, especially when it is uploaded to certain sites which often damage the file.

If it is just for a pleasure viewing, there is nothing serious about viewing different images on our computer or other device but the case will be different if you are a professional trying to submit the result and when it comes out, somehow the final product has a different color than what you intend them to be. This may cause some problems and lots of additional works so the best way is getting just the right color in your workstation; across all monitor we have to use.

Computer monitor is different starting from they are made and chances all of them have different preset of whatever the factory adjust them to be. Expensive monitors are not a guarantee that we will be getting the correct color displayed out of the box so this is what display or monitor calibration is trying to fix. This process as well is not done only once because apparently the monitor will change as it is being used and it means we have to do it from time to time.

Display Calibration Methods
It seems that there is a misconception that Apple display doesn’t need calibration and this is simply not true because we never know whether it is already calibrated or not to show the correct color and both Mac OS and Windows are equally coming with their own calibration system as well. This adjustment compelling few setting like gamma that we can tune to follow our own judgment but, since it is using our own eyes, the result is not very reliable for it means we are just following our own taste.

If you are a professional who really need the color shown by the display is as correct and as consistent as possible, especially when using more than one monitor, it is wise to invest on a good display calibrator because they will take all of the complicated steps of doing the calibration process for us and since they are coming with their own hardware, the result and judgment will be more reliable. The problem is, many display calibrator is not very affordable for some of us.

About Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite
Unlike other computer peripherals, the market for monitor calibrator is often overseen since probably not many people are interested in using them so we are only getting a few competitors in the market and it is actually quite interesting to see them offering their products to answer each other. For quite some time, display calibrator enthusiast are pampered by Datacolor and X-Rite which all are equally good options, working well, and easy to use as well for those who ever do color calibration before.

They do have price different and when it comes to software, things can be more personal since not all of us will have the same preference on which deliver the best performance. Recently this year, Datacolor that has been popular with its Spyder5 that you can check on our Spyder5 PRO Vs Colormunki Display is releasing a new line of product and it is called as SpyderX as the upgrade of their older models. People have been looking forward to see what they can offer including us.

The two new favorite model from this line are Datacolor SpyderX Pro and SpyderX Elite which is very comparable to each other due to the many similarities. At first we thought that Datacolor will completely redesigned both hardware and software but it turns out that they are still using the older version or program we get when purchasing Spyder5. What seems to be very interesting to look forward in these models is their colorimeter since the company did redesign and upgrade it to be more capable.

In general both of these monitor calibrators are placed at different levels just like the older Pro and Elite model and as you may already know, the former is made for those users in low and mid-range such as novice photographer or professional who wants to spend less due to the more limited options and more affordable price point. SpyderX Elite on the other hand is meant for professional or passionate users who need the highest device to calibrate their monitor.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, Datacolor SpyderX Pro Vs Elite are equally sporting a new fashion because the older Spyder5 is black and now it is white, making them more stylish especially if your whole setup is silver or grey. The overall shape doesn’t change since it still has the same form factor like the previous colorimeter but, the lens is now available to protect the reading window or the filter and their sensor. Overall, we are getting the same hardware in both versions.

What we love from how Datacolor pack their products is the simplicity because beside this colorimeter and its USB cable, there is nothing more in the package except for the serial number which will be used to authenticate your products when downloading the software from their site.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite Hardware
What makes these two colorimeter different and interesting compared to Spyder5 is because the new generation sensor now has lens placed in front of the sensor and it is used in an attempt to improve the reading accuracy as well as protecting them even better for longevity. The older colorimeter version may not be able to recognize some newer displays but this model is already suitable with various LEDs and different gamut like sRGB, Adobe RGN, DCI-P3, and more. In addition, they work very fast when recognizing all color patches by less than a minute.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite Ease of Use
Since all of the package in Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite are the same, it means the only difference is only located on the software and if you ever use the older Pro or Elite version, there will be not much difference since as long as the software is continuously upgraded, the system or process will likely be the same as well. The software of Datacolor colorimeter is loved by many because of the simplicity and fast working but it may not be as detailed as what we see on X-Rite profiler.

Calibration with Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite
First step is the same by downloading and installing the software then run it to start the initial setting which the software will ask you about which hardware to use and remainder as well as advance setting to choose the warning level of Delta E and ICC setting. When done, the software will go to welcome page and here we can start the process by choosing which monitor to use, what type of we will be calibrating and in this side Elite will also offer projector calibration option.

Next process refer to the type of setting we can make on the OSD menu of the software which include luminescent and Kelvin preset but the Elite software will also ask you about RGB channels and then continued to selecting the backlight technology used in our monitor. Next step is selecting the appropriate target value of the selection process between Step by Step Assistant, Studio Match when working on multiple screen or in Elite version we also have Expert Console option which is summary on a single page.

The next step of the process are adjusting gamma, white point, and brightness that we can match with the environment and when done we also have target value option and if you are not sure, just follow the sensible advice. The rest is starting to utilize the hardware and just follow the step by step until it is done.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro and Elite are indeed a reliable option to calibrate your monitor and they are actually very identical to each other which makes it hard to choose between the two but one of the most prominent differences between them is Elite able to calibrate projector as well since it is in the menu option. In addition, Elite also capable of calibrating two monitors in the same computer easily and some of the settings in their software are a little bit different.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro vs Elite

- THE FASTEST SPYDER EVER: Calibrating your monitor to achieve color precision now takes just a minute or two – several times faster than previous models.
- THE MOST ACCURATE SPYDER EVER: Groundbreaking lens-based color engine provides a higher level of color accuracy for multiple monitors. SpyderX Pro features room-light monitoring, automatic profile changing and significantly more precise screen color, shadow detail and white balance.
- THE EASIEST-TO-USE SPYDER EVER: SpyderX Pro is so intuitive, you don’t have to be a color expert. It features quick and easy single-click calibration and wizard workflow with 12 predefined calibration targets for advanced color accuracy.
- Calibrating your monitor to achieve color precision now takes just a minute or two - several times faster than previous models
- Groundbreaking lens-based color engine provides a higher level of color accuracy for multiple monitors (including StudioMatch Assistant to match displays) and projectors. SpyderX Elite features room-light monitoring, automatic profile changing and significantly more precise screen color, shadow detail and white balance
- SpyderX Elite is intuitive, you don't have to be a color expert. It features a step-by-step assistant and expert console, with an all-in-one calibration control panel and unlimited calibration setting choices including TV and video standards

All in all, both of them are a good calibrator and reliable as well but we do like SpyderX Pro better because it gives the best value for our budget and all of the features are available as well unless you need the one to calibrate a projector then Elite is the ideal choice.

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