Fujifilm Finepix XP90 vs. XP80

Fujifilm Finepix XP90 is an updated model for the previously popular compact digital camera, Fujifilm Finepix XP80. As the newer model, we certainly expect Fujifilm Finepix XP90 to be even better than Fujifilm Finepix XP80. The two models are still quite affordable, as they each are available for a budget under two hundred bucks. Both Fujifilm Finepix XP90 and Fujifilm Finepix XP80 are known for their ultra-rugged, weather-proof housing. These cameras are suitable for various outdoor activities and adventures. With their ruggedized housing, you have nothing to worry about using these cameras under some rain or near the pool. So, should you pick Fujifilm Finepix XP80 or Fujifilm Finepix XP90?

Fujifilm Finepix XP90 vs XP80

Fujifilm Finepix XP90 still retains a similar housing to Fujifilm Finepix XP80. Both models are waterproof up to 50 ft, dustproof, freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and shockproof to 5.8 ft. However, Fujifilm Finepix XP90 has been introduced with more color variants than its sibling here. Fujifilm Finepix XP90 is available in blue, yellow, lime green, and orange. On the other hand, Fujifilm Finepix XP80 is only available in three color variants, which are blue, yellow, and black. (Read also: Nikon Coolpix S33 vs. Fujifilm Finepix XP90)

Nevertheless, Fujifilm Finepix XP90 also happens to be slightly thicker and bigger than the previous model. It is a few centimeters longer and wider, two millimeters thicker, and several grams heavier. Not very significant, maybe, but the other change is more than trivial: Fujifilm Finepix XP90 has upped the display screen size and resolution. Previously, Fujifilm Finepix XP80 has a 2.7” display screen with 460k dots resolution. Fujifilm Finepix XP90 now has a 3” display screen with 920k dots resolution. The improvements are very nice. You can now see the image preview much more clearly.

There isn’t much change in the features of the new model. It still has a sensor-shift image stabilization system, 5X optical zoom, face detection autofocus, as well as the praiseworthy 10 fps continuous shooting speed. There is, however, an additional feature in the form of time-lapse recording for making creative works.

The performance of Fujifilm Finepix XP90 is slightly better than Fujifilm Finepix XP80 in low-light conditions. This is because the image sensor is now back-illuminated. But the sensor is still 1/2.3” and the resolution is still 16 MP.

- 16.4MP BSI-CMOS Sensor
- Waterproof to 50ft/15m, freeze proof to 14 Degree/-10 Degree, shockproof to 5.8ft/1.75m, and dustproof
- Fujinon 5x Optical Zoom (28-140mm)
- Wi-Fi sharing and remote shooting
- Interval Shooting Mode + Time Lapse Movie
- 4 Way Proof - Waterproof 50 ft
- 16.2 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor delivershigh-quality images in low light.
- Continuous shooting mode is capable of capturing up to 10.0fps
- Full HD Movies with one-touch movie button.
- Connect to your smartphone or tablet for extra enjoyment for Remote Shooting and Wireless Image Transfer

Fujifilm Finepix XP90 is just slightly better than Fujifilm Finepix XP80 due to the better and wider display screen. The image quality is slightly better, thanks to the back-illuminated sensor. Considering that the price difference is very marginal, we recommend you to go for Fujifilm Finepix XP90.

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