iZon Camera Review: Small and Compact Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera

iZon Camera is actually a nice wireless camera suitable for a variety of purposes. It is a great choice for a baby cam, pet cam, and even for home/office surveillance cam. It is very easy to set-up, and it provides real-time notifications straight to your mobile phone to keep you up to date with what is happening. Unfortunately, the image quality is just pretty good, and the wireless connection sometimes lags.

iZon Camera Review

iZon Camera comes with a tube-like body that measures 3.75 inches tall, 1.75 inches wide. With 0.25 lbs of mass, it is very lightweight as well. The small form factor and lightweight nature make iZon Camera very flexible to place. You can put it on the corner of the room, on a desk, on a table, or even on the ceiling mounted. The compact size makes iZon Camera very space-friendly and easy to hide, if needed. However, keep in mind that this small device is intended for only indoor use. It is not for outdoor use. It is not very resistant to humidity; high humidity levels may cause condensation on the lens, significantly reducing visibility.

However, one nice thing about iZon Camera is that it is very easy to install and setup. It is compatible with iOS 5.0+ and Android 4.2+ operating systems. Even if you find some difficulties, there is a detailed guide that helps in connecting the camera to your home network and mobile phone. You can then configure various of its features; you can set it to alert you via notifications whenever it detects motion or sound. Unfortunately, the wireless connection is not very fast; there is some delay every time you open a notification before the video clip is presented.

- Night Vision (Unlike any other model) - Your privacy is ensured as IZON View utilizes secure encryption to stream video - Noise and Motion Alerts - Easily configure IZON View to alert you when it senses motion or sound

Even though we must say that the image quality is not the best out there, iZon Camera does have an advantage. It has an integrated night vision system, which uses IR (infrared). The night vision performance is pretty good, certainly functional and usable. iZon Camera does not have any internal battery. So, it must be continuously plugged into a power source. That’s bad; in the case of a blackout, the camera will stop working.

Specifications of iZon Camera
Width – 1.75 inches
Height – 3.75 inches
Weight – 0.25 lbs
Designed to be used indoor in temperatures between 14° to 113° F (-10° to 45° C).
Excessive humidity may cause condensation on the lens and decrease visibility.
Real-time streaming over your local Wi-Fi network, bandwidth permitting.
Remote streaming may be delayed slightly by device configuration and network conditions.
IR (infrared) capability for full dark environments.
Mono 40 Hz – 8 kHz. Sample rate 16 kHz.
The camera responds to sound levels between 35 dB to 95 dB. Motion/noise detection records the clip that begins 5 seconds prior to the trigger and ends 5 seconds after the event. Maximum duration is 30 seconds. Manual recordings are initiated from the “Record” button, 30 seconds maximum duration.
Standard power outlet (100V or 240V) using a 9′ USB-to-USB-mini cable and a USB power supply.

Pros of iZon Camera
– Relatively affordable price
– Real-time notifications keep you up to date
– Night vision capability with IR
– Compact, lightweight, easy-to-place design

Cons of iZon Camera
– Wireless connection sometimes lags
– Not resistant to humidity
– No internal battery

Price of iZon Camera
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