Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Vs AZ422

Kodak make some of the best budget cameras for casual photographers like Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Vs AZ422. These cameras are cheap, produce pretty good photos, and easy to use. Being close brothers, the two share many similarities with minor differences. Today we will see what the cameras can offer, the differences, and which you may like better.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • Why Buying a Dedicated Camera
  • What are Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422
  • How is the Design of Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422
  • How are the Camera Specs of Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422
  • How is the Image Quality from Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422
  • How is the Performance of Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422
  • Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Vs AZ422

Buying a Dedicated Camera

Many choose dedicated camera because the device is more ideal and accommodate hobbyists and professionals. Modern flagship smartphones are very capable of taking incredible photos but they are flagship for many reasons and can be too expensive for some people. Cheap digital cameras are ideal options for casual photographers who want to learn using a camera and develop the skill. Many cheap cameras also have a variable lens that give you a versatile gear for different applications. Depending on the preference and budget, some affordable cameras also uses interchangeable lens system.

About Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422

The decision is yours because not everyone want the same camera and use the device for the same purpose. There are many options from different companies, different models, and options in varying budget range. Kodak may not the most popular camera brand today but the company still has some of the most exciting cameras for budget shoppers, especially if you need a zoom lens. The Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 are some of the best budget cameras with long zoom range and are equally affordable.

Many wonder which camera they should buy because these cameras are very similar and almost identical. As the name suggest, the AZ422 is a higher model and offer slightly more on the device. The main difference between Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 is total pixel to work with which may translates into better sharpness when printed or viewed from a large display. However, both cameras use the same sensor size and lens to deliver similar performance, especially when you need a zoom lens. Read also: Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Vs Sony DSC H300 here.

The zoom lens is the biggest selling point on Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422. Even most flagship smartphones are struggling to provide a long zoom without distorting the picture as they crop it. Physical zoom through the lens is almost always better than digital zoom so you can maintain the image quality even at the highest settings. We think both cameras are ideal for casual photographers and a second gear of professionals who don’t want to carry extra lenses while hunting for the photos.

Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 Design

Separating the Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 is a bit challenging because the cameras are identical. You can see what model you have from the label above the flash. These cameras are available in black, white, and red finish. The housing is made of plastic and the dimension is relatively compact for a bridge camera at approximately 4.44 x 3.21 x 3.32 inches and 444 grams without the battery and accessory. Like most budget cameras, we only has a fixed rear screen and no EVF.

Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 Camera Specs

Let’s see what the Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 can offer, starting from the camera specs. Most budget cameras maintains the cost by placing small sensor and a decent amount of pixels for an excellent combination. These cameras uses the same 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor but AZ422 has more pixels to work with at 20MP versus 16MP on AZ421. These cameras use the same lens as you can see on the sample picture. The lens is 24 – 1008mm (35mm equivalent) lens with F number of F3.0 on the wide and F6.8 on the tele setting.

Both cameras allow you adjusting the zoom up to 42x using the optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. You can capture pictures using full sensor at 4608 x 3456 in AZ421 or 5152 x 3864 on AZ422; these are for (4:3) and you can use fewer pixels for capturing still pictures. Of course you can record videos on these cameras, but the resolution is limited to 1280x720p 30fps which is pretty low for today’s standard where smartphones can record 4K 60fps.

Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 Image Quality

Coming to the image quality side, the Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 behaves similarly in action. The main difference will be in decent lighting where the pictures from AZ422 looks sharper, but even so it is not as noticeable by most eyes. The more pixels may handy when you need to crop the picture to maintain the image quality and slightly improve the sharpness. With the same sensor size, AZ422 has more pixels which means the pixels will be smaller and makes it prone to more noise at high ISO levels.

The most attractive side is the zoom range because a 1008 mm lens can zoom quite far. This lens is versatile and ideal for most people. The widest point of view is 24 mm which gives you a decent and natural view and like most zoom lens, the field of view will become smaller as you crank the zoom. Many beginner astrophotographer seem to like these cameras for the lens.

Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 Performance

The Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 overall perform well for most applications. These cameras are not snappy or the fastest you can experience but they work surprisingly pleasant for the price. We find the detection mode quite accurate, making the two ideal for different users and applications. Both cameras have Single AF, Multi AF, Object Tracking, and Face Detection AF modes. You can also choose to shoot in different modes like Movie and Panorama; Panorama mode captures 180-degree horizontal view.

Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Vs AZ422

The Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422 prove that you don’t need an expensive camera to get creative. While these cameras are not perfect, they are very capable for the price thanks to the variable zoom lens that can fit most people and applications. The main difference is pixel count because AZ422 uses more pixels means the photos will comes out sharper and more forgiving on the cropping. But, the noise level will increase due to the smaller pixel size.

- Powerful 16. 1-Megapixel CCD sensor gives you room to enlarge, zoom and crop to your heart's content without losing out on life-like clarity or quality.
- 42x optical zoom and a 24mm wide angle lens Moves you closer to the subject and fit more into every frame.
- Face/Cat/dog detection detects facial features and enhances it for true subject highlighting, even your four-legged Cat and dog friends. Blink/smile detection helps you to capture the perfect moment.
- Face Beautifier mode and loads of built-in touch-up features allow you to reduces facial flaws, enhance skin tone and the eyes of your portrait subjects instantly. Operation Environment : Temperature: 32° – 104°F / 0° – 40°C, Humidity: 0 – 90%
- The PixPro AZ422 is described as a bridge camera, marking the transition from a basic model to a DSLR or mirrorless camera
- As such it offers many features at a competitive price, including 42x optical zoom
- 24mm wide angle, 16 megapixels and 3 inch LCD
- 720pd HD video and optical image stabilization.


There is no bad option between Kodak Pixpro AZ421 and AZ422. You can choose any model but AZX421 is slightly cheaper if you don’t plan on developing the photo on a large paper. This model is also more forgiving at higher ISO even though the sensor size is not ideal for low light applications.

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