Moultrie A5 vs. A5 Gen 2

Game surveillance cameras are an integral part of serious hunting activities. Before you go hunting in the wilderness, you need to perform some surveillance to make sure about the relative location of the game. You certainly don’t want to go with all your rifle and equipment to find out that there is nothing to shoot there, or worse, to come across a dangerous animal unreadily because you didn’t know that it is there. For this reason, game surveillance cameras come in handy. Moultrie provides the best game surveillance cameras. If you are looking for something budget-friendly, you can consider getting the Moultrie A5. However, you should know that there are the original Moultrie A5 and the Moultrie A5 Gen 2. So, what’s the difference between Moultrie A5 and Moultrie A5 Gen 2?

Moultrie A5 vs A5 Gen 2

The very first difference that we can immediately notice is the case. The original Moultrie A5 comes with a camo finish that looks very similar to bark, making it virtually invisible when strapped on a tree. However, the front cover fully opens, exposing not only the battery compartment and buttons but also the lens, sensors, and infrared lights. On the other hand, Moultrie A5 Gen 2 comes with a gray finish. Only the lower part of the cover that opens to show the batteries and buttons. The lens, sensors, and infrared lights stay protected by the upper cover. In addition, the shape of Moultrie A5 Gen 2 is now more rounded to shed water better, and there is a pair of eyelets for easy mounting. (Take a look: Moultrie A5 vs. A8)

Battery and Memory
The original Moultrie A5 runs on 4 C-cell batteries and can shoot over 8,000 images. That is actually already good enough. However, C-cell batteries are rather difficult to find. Hence, the manufacturer has decided to change the battery system to use 8 AA batteries instead. AA batteries are much more common and easier to find. The battery life is longer, too, and the memory is larger. Moultrie A5 Gen 2 can shoot up to 16,000 images.

Trigger Speed and Delay
Finally, Moultrie A5 Gen 2 offers a faster trigger speed than the original Moultrie A5. It also offers shorter delay settings. Previously, Moultrie A5 only provides a picture delay of 1, 5, 10, and 30 minutes. Now, Moultrie A5 Gen 2 can shoot with just 10 seconds of delay. It can also perform single shots as well as three-image multi-shots.

- 5.0 megapixel Low Glow infrared game camera
- 50-ft nighttime illumination range (AKA flash range)
- Long-Range 850nm IR LED Infrared
- Moon phase, time, date and camera ID stamp
- delay 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, & 5 minutes
- 5 Megapixel resolution
- Less than 1.5 second trigger speed
- 40 Ft detection range
- 50 Ft flash range
- Long-Range nighttime infrared

Moultrie A5 vs. A5 Gen 2
We recommend you to choose Moultrie A5 Gen 2. Everything is improved in the new model. It has an improved design that provides better protection for the delicate parts and easier mounting. The battery life and memory are significantly enhanced. It also has a faster trigger speed and shorter delay options.

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