Nikon Coolpix B500 vs. B700

There are many interesting cameras out there which offer multiple functions. The design of those cameras is also different on another whereas there is some camera which has the real old looking and the other has more modern and futuristic design. In this case, we have two good old looking cameras. The first one is Nikon Coolpix B500 and the second one is Nikon Coolpix B700. Both cameras are the same types of cameras but with different series. B700 is made after B500 to cover what B500 lacks. B500 is a very solid camera with dark look and green lens. Nikon company has been a success in delivering a great old school style toNikon Coolpix B500 and B700. B700 itself is very similar to B500 with some slight changes which make its performance increased from the previous one. So if you want to know more about these two products, let’s see the explanation below.

Nikon Coolpix B500 vs B700

Nikon Coolpix B500 has the 16MP 1/2.3″ BSI CMOS Sensor this CMOS sensor will enable the camera to take a beautiful low-light photo without needing any flash. There is also the NIKKOR f/3.0-6.5mm ED Lens and the 921k Dot tilting LCD which heightens its ability to get the best shot. The lens is using the 40x Optical zoom lens and 80x dynamic zoom. On the other hand, Nikon B700 is using the upgradable BSI CMOS Sensor which is the 20.2Mp. The optical zoom lens is also upgraded from 40 to 60 times. There is also the addition of UHD 4k video recording at 30p. (Read also: Nikon Coolpix B500 vs. Canon Powershot SX420)

The performance of B500 is pretty good with the CMOS Sensor, 40x optical zoom lens, and the full HD 1080 video recording makes it able to have the best shot and video footage. However, B700 has better features because of its upgrade, and it is overpowering B500 with the better CMOS Sensor or, the better video record ability. These capabilities are giving B700 the upper hand which is quite understandable as the company has stated that B700 is the complete version of B500.

- 40x Optical Zoom Lens, 80x Dynamic Zoom
- 3" 921k-Dot Tilting LCD
- Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps
- Bluetooth (BLE), Wi-Fi, NFC Connectivity
- 20.2MP 1/2.3" BSI CMOS Sensor
- NIKKOR Super ED 60x Optical Zoom Lens
- 24-1440mm (35mm Equivalent)
- 921k-Dot Electronic Viewfinder

So in overall, it is better to buy the B700 as it has a worth it upgrade which enable you to take high-quality photos and videos. You can also choose B500, but the only reason to buy B500 is probably about your budget as both items have a very straightforward approach.

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