Nikon D3100 vs. D3300

The current photography trends increasingly expanded, so too did the choice of types of digital cameras more and more. For those who enjoy hunting photos with maximum results, the type of digital camera DSLR is suitable. Buying a DSLR camera (Digital Single Lens Reflect) need consideration jelly, especially for beginners who have a limited budget. Because the first camera which belonged to will determine the selection of accessories. But except for the Nikon brand is already no doubt. The problem the camera’s multitude is series. Especially for you who are beginners, you can start with Nikon D3100 vs D3300. The choice is yours!

Nikon D3100 vs D3300

Nikon D3100
Specifications and features of Nikon Photography itself is not much different from the earlier series nor the contents of the review is not far different from the previous review Nikon D3100 vs D3200. It has 11-point autofocus system that will ensure all focus and make sure the image is sharp even on the object movement tactics very quickly. Live View with Scene Auto Selector is very intuitive and familiar before you take a picture of the target object. Scene Auto Selector will select the best mode for the scene you want to take, and Fulltime servo AF mode (AF-F) continuous subject in focus without the need to press the button releases the shutter. Live View will also recognize as many as 35 faces at one time. Nikon Photography has a resolution that is large enough, i.e. 14.2 mega pixels, the result has been tested very satisfying, not too far with photo quality DSLR camera that is priced far above it, it’s not coupled with the ease of taking pictures without the need bother setting. CMOS sensor with a resolution of 14.2 mega pixels with image processing EXPEED technology 2. Has a sensitivity of ISO 100-3200, with the versatility of effectively up to ISO 12800. This significantly reduces the risk of blurry images when taking pictures of kids who are very energetic or barbeque night with all the family.

Nikon D3300
Unlike the previous series, which has effective pixels D3300 reached 24.2 MP is supported by the physical size of the sensors reach 23.5 mm × 15.6 mm CMOS. Earlier the D3200 is supported only with the physical size of the sensors reach 23.2 mm × 15.4 mm CMOS. But, the earlier review is about Nikon D5300 vs D3300. The magnitude of the sensor are certainly increasingly make image quality better, clearer, sharper, more natural colors and clean. In addition, Nikon D3300 has also been equipped with the new EXPEED processor of the type 4. This processor is a processor that’s been used by Nikon D5300. High speed in operation and video recording are better able to offer this 4 EXPEED. Prone ISO light sensitivity D3300 is still the standard. You can use ISO 100 to 12800 with clean images from noise to the number 1600. However, in the event of an emergency you can still use the extra reach ISO 25600, yet with a noise that was not secure. There is one more feature of professional D3300, i.e. Active D-Lighting which has function to control the shadow or highlight. This is what allows the detail photo still looks good and clear. While the features are still not added is the point AF (Autofocus) surviving on 11 points.

- 14.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
- 3.0 inch LCD with 230,000 dots
- 1080p HD video with full-time AF
- 11 AF points (with 3D tracking)
- IS0 100-3200 range (12800 expanded)
- 24.2 MP CMOS DX-format sensor
- 5 frames per second continuous shooting
- 11 AF points with 3D tracking
- ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25600)
- 1080 (60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps) HD video

Nikon D3100 vs D300: which camera should you choose? There certain positive reasons on each camera that can be your considerable to pick one of them later. The Nikon D3100 has a typical continuous shooting speed for a beginners camera of 3fps, but Nikon D330 is best of the best because, it can shoot continuously at 5 frames per second. The D3100 is the oldest model here and uses an older Expeed 2 processor, the Nikon features Expeed 4. Again, D330 wins. We think that 2 criterias are enough becoming candidate to recommend Nikon D330 over D3100.

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