Nikon D5300 vs. D7100

A few days ago Nikon D5500 camera, unveiled the successor D5300 now given the capabilities of the touch screen. These cameras are in the upper market segment entry level, as an escort from D3300 in basic entry level line, and is under Nikon D7100 as enthusiast level (which is sometimes also used by semi-professional). In other words D5500 is in the Middle, not so basic and not the upper middle class, too. This time we will compare Nikon D5500 with D7100, because both have plus minus on its own.

nikon d5300 vs d7100

Nikon D5300
Nikon D5300 vs Canon 70D as the previous review can become your example of the older one. But, we still want to provide you review of Nikon D5300. Introducing the DSLR camera Nikon crime equipped with WiFi connection, D5300. With a WiFi connection, you can quickly and easily transfer images to a variety of gadgets that you have such as a smartphone or tablet without having to bother using a wired connection. Supported by the image sensor of 24.2 D5300 Megapixel, capable of producing high quality images that were never imagined before. With image sensors megapixel DX Format CMOS 24.2 hers, DSLR camera is capable of producing a clear picture quality. Though at this stage of editing you must raise or even cut the picture, will not reduce the sharpness and detail of the photo so that the image quality is maintained. Whatever the type of photos you are going to make, whether it’s a photo with the silent objects, photos, candid photos of high speed action or even record video in the form of HD, this camera would still provide a good focus. Fitted 39 D5300 focal point, able to rapidly catch the focus on the object you’re viewfinder.

Nikon D7100
Canon Rebel T5i vs Nikon D7100 you can read also the mentioned article aside before go throughout the other one. Nikon’s flagship cameras D7100, equipped with sensors measuring 24 Megapixels. The latest DSLR camera this is a continuation of the previous generation that is, Nikon camera D7000 that accounts for 2 years not in the Upgrade since it was first launched. With the power of 24 MP, Nikon D7100 proved able to produce image quality very bright and sharp with no Blur. ISO from Nikon DSLR D7100 don’t doubt, this produces a range of ISO 100-6400 and could be increased again up to 25600. Later, video recording capability belonging to Nikon DSLR proved top camera of D7100, photographers will be pampered with the result that it is definitely the perfect Video, crystal clear images with full stereo sound quality, the Nikon DLSR Camera D7100 because of it is able to produce 1080/30 p or 1080/60i. D7100 Nikon DSLR camera is also equipped with a sophisticated and reliable processor series processors i.e. EXPEED 3. This processor is responsible for all the advanced features and reliable which is owned by Nikon DSLR camera D7100.

- 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter
- 39-point AF system with 3D tracking and 3D matrix metering II
- 5 frames per second continuous shooting
- 24.1 megapixed DX-format image sensor
- Shoot up to 6 frames per second for up to 100 continuous shots
- Wireless sharing and control with WU-1a adapter

So the conclusion would be your favorite products will fall on the camera, the small, lightweight D5500, sailing and touch oriented novice photographers, the younger generation or the traveler. Or a large, loaded D7100 features and more oriented to amateur photographers to semi-pro? Whatever is selected, the quality of the photo is relatively the same, our needs and preferences stay the course.

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