Panasonic FZ80 vs FZ82

Even though people nowadays seems to adore smartphone camera more due to various conveniences, there are still many users who prefer dedicated cameras to take pictures and record video with better qualities. Panasonic as one of the most popular manufacturer have many collections to offer such as Panasonic FZ80 vs FZ82. While they may sound like different product, they are actually the same. But, if you still wonder what they can offer to you, go check if there is any difference between both models below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for an affordable camera
– What are Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82
– What Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 Look Like
– How are the Zooming Ability of Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82
– Are Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 capable of taking 4K Image and Videos
– What are the additional feature on Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82
– Panasonic FZ80 vs FZ82

Affordable Dedicated Camera
Camera has been a long popular device to take video and still pictures which owned by so many people if not almost all people in modern day. They are a good device to have to help the owner immortalize the moment they have so they can remember them for later or show them to their children and friends later. Even today, camera is still adored due to its ability to capture moments but now, they are far more modern and come with better abilities.

In the past, digital camera is very popular but in the last decade, DSLR and mirrorless cameras are taking the stage because they are able to take better image and video quality compared to digital cameras which is now replaced by the smartphone’s better cameras. However, there are still many non DSLR or mirrorless cameras out there that can grant its user a good image quality without spending much money to purchase the product because most of them are more affordable.

While the market looks like they are not in a huge demand for new cameras and new products which leads manufacturer to hold down their offering, there are still new cameras released each years because we still love to take a picture. Those enthusiast will go for a more expensive and high-end units since they know how to use the cameras full capability but for us who just want to take a picture to memorize the moment and scenery, spending so much in a camera is unwise.

If you are also a casual users who just want to take a good quality pictures or professional who need budget item, it is good to consider using a camera that comes with dependable capabilities yet not as expensive; like those with a great capability of zoom. This type of cameras are also called Bridge cameras because they are set apart with others due to the powerful zoom lens that capable of shooting wide-angle and extreme telephoto. Read also: Sony DSC W800 vs DSC W830 here.

Since the demand for this camera is quite high, there are many manufacturers offering a similar unit, even one brand can have several units under its name which making it hard to choose between one model to another due to the lack of information provided and limited comparison made by the manufacturer themselves. If you want to narrow down the number of option quickly, it is probably good to look into your favorite brand first because many of us may already have preferred names.

About Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82
One of the most popular camera manufacturer in the market is Panasonic which is also manufacturing many other electronic products. This brand have a huge collection in their catalogue but if the one you are looking for is a Bridge cameras, Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 can be a great option to go with their high quality capabilities and a fairly affordable price to go which will suit many people with limited budget out there and looking for the exact type of camera.

As it has been said above on the introduction part that, both of Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 are the same camera which is why they can be quite confusing for users to pick. There is no clear statement on why they use a different name for the same unit but the FZ80 seems to be marketed outside North America and the other is known to the specific region. While the name are a bit confusing, they are the same bridge or super zoom camera we know.
Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 Design

Looking at Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 from the outside, both of them are looking just like many other similar cameras out there with a typical point-and-shoot design. While they may look big in the picture, these cameras are coming with a small (1/2.3-inch) image sensor to a big zoom lens which when put in a body, they will be in size of an SLR. On their rear controls, there are mechanical release to raise pop-up flash while on the left there are LVF/LCD toggle button, AF/AE lock button and rear control dial.

If you ever handled an SLR, these cameras are handled the same too with their shutter release on top, surrounded by zoom control lever. Behind these controls, you can find programmable Fn1/4K Photo and Fn2/Post Focus buttons with a dedicated Record button for video capture. Additionally, there are also camera’s on/off switch and hot shoe located on top of the center behind the pop-up flash. As for the LCD, they are not vari-angle one we can find in many more expensive cameras for they are fixed here.

Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 Zoom Ability
As a bridge camera that boast their zooming capability, both of Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 are featured with 60x optical zoom ability that will provide a broad focal range of 20-1200mm which will be perfect for squeezing loads into frame or zooming into whatever you are aiming at. Unlike the higher-end brother from the company with their 1-inch sensor, due to the affordable price, these two are only coming with 18.1 ½.3-inch chip, making them similar to those entry-level cameras we can often found on the market.

If you are asking what is the difference between these two with other compact cameras with the same sensor, the prominent difference will be on the enormous zoom range together with the SLR style control that are not available in compact digital cameras, moreover, these two are already capable of taking 4K video, loved by many people and their stills functionality. However, since they are coming with a small sensor, it has to be kept in mind that the resolution will be kept below 20MP.

With this, the image taken will have a reduced noise level even when shooting at higher ISO settings. On this side, to make sure the ISO is kept within a usable range, they let us use them from ISO 80-3200, thus in low-light conditions, we will have to use the camera’s built in optical image stabilization or if you need to do longer exposure and slower shutter speed, it is best to mount the camera on a tripod.

Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 Image and Video
On video and image taking, it is surprising to see the 4K capability on an entry-level camera like Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 because we used to see them on a more expensive units. With this capability, users can capture burst of 30 frames per second at 4K resolution or 3840 x 2160 pixels that we can extract an 8MP image from; we can save them while reviewing the images. This quality alone is big enough to be printed on an A4 paper, making them perfect for snapshots.

In these cameras, there are 3 settings available we can use. The first is 4K burst which is best for fast moving subjects and to use it, we can press and hold the shutter button to capture a sequence of images. There is 0.5-second delay after pressing the shutter button used when anticipating the subject and release the shutter early. The second is for more predictable subjects or 4K burst (S/S), it is used in a similar manner like in the first but it doesn’t need to be hold and stopped with a 2nd press.

In this mode, we can place markers within to quickly see which the best frame is later when reviewing the results. The last is 4K Pre-burst or can be said an all-rounder because when aimed at an object, they will capture one second before and after the shutter has been released to give the best chance of capturing the perfect image you want.

Panasonic FZ80 and FZ82 Additional Feature
There is another feature we would love to mention which is Post Focus mode. This feature is used to take a shot and we can use the screen to select the point focus. While it may not that interesting for some users since the sensor is small, they are quite useful if you want to take close-ups or macro for general subjects.

Now, let’s compare Panasonic FX80 with FX82. As it has been mentioned above, there is no difference between these two cameras because even though they are named with different model, their specification and capabilities are the same while the different name is probably used to differentiate a product sold for a region and another.

Panasonic FZ80 vs FZ82

- 18.1MP 1/2.3" MOS Sensor Lumix DC Vario 60x Zoom Lens
- 20-1200mm (35mm Equivalent) 1.166m-Dot Electronic Viewfinder
- 3.0" 1.04m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor 4K UHD Video Recording at 30 fps
- EXCLUSIVE 4K photo combined with 4K video capture performance.
- Optically stabilized 20-1200mm (60x) LUMIX DC Vario Lens

All in all, the decision is all yours because these items are the same and in our opinion, it is best to pick the one that will benefit you the most. For some reason, the price of FZ82 model is more expensive compared to FX80, thus if you want to spend less, it is better to pick Panasonic FZ80.

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