Panasonic HC-V380K vs Sony HDR-PJ410

Like Photography hobbyist who goes with DSLR or Mirrorless, those who loves recording video will go with camcorder. For readers who want to capture beautiful footage without having to spend much, Panasonic HC-V380K Vs Sony HDR-PJ410 are two nice options to check in the market because they are very affordable and already offering interesting set of capabilities. If you are also looking forward to shop these reliable cameras, see what they can offer below before shopping so then we can choose for the better model.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing Camcorder
– How to Shop for Camcorder
– What are Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410
– What Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 Look like
– How are the Camera in Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410
– What else Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 can offer
– How are the Performance of Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410
– Panasonic HC-V380K Vs Sony HDR-PJ410

Camcorder Benefits
Video camera has been around for quite some time and while they are the star back then in our younger days, it seems that not many people are talking about this versatile device anymore. But, we can’t say that we don’t see it coming as well because as cell phones was first integrating camera in their system, a dedicated camera is starting to lose its versatility and place in our life; even more with the emerging era of smartphones which allows its users to both capture and connected at the same time.

We also have action camera today which is another beast in comparison since they are far more compact and yet still powerful especially for those who will use the camera for action activities. Seeing the trend today, it is understandable why many of us who used to rely on video recorder or camcorder are moving on to a more convenient option. However, it doesn’t mean that camcorder is losing its worth since some of its features are hard to find in similar devices.

Like comparing a dedicated camera to a smartphone camera, the former will have much more manual functions to tweak the options which is great for more experienced users. When talking about action cameras which is hugely popular in the last several years, they sure powerful and convenient but features like zooming is often lacking for most of them don’t have one. Additionally, for some people, holding a camcorder can be more comfortable than holding a camera mounting because it makes the movement more stable with strap and proper body to hold.

Shopping for Camcorder
If your recording activity requires more manual adjustment, need something to bring a subject closer, or just prefer the handling system of a camcorder then this device is a more ideal choice to go. But, before you shop for one, it is always better to list or determine what we need from the unit since not all of them are made to be the same. Factors like sensor, effective pixel, and image stabilization will affect the whole footage so pay attention to this part when shopping.

Additionally, features like tilting LCD, Autofocus, and a range of zooms are all necessary functions in a camcorder. First, a tillable LCD makes recording at crowded areas more possible or recording the user while moving around easier. Autofocus will ease the job to maximize the sharpness of your footage but some models also have the manual option in a more challenging situations. Zooming is another attractive point of camera for it can bring you closer to a subject without physically approaching them.

About Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410
After you list down any features or capabilities that we need to have in the actual unit as well as the budget limit, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because despite no longer popular, it seems that companies still have many of them in their collection. Bigger names often always offer more reliable camcorders and when talking about cameras in general especially video camera, Panasonic and Sony are two of the main players in the market.

We are sure that most of the population are familiar with these giants and beside their countless electronic devices, camcorder is one of their specialties, making them a very interesting options to look at. If one of your reasons to get a camcorder is because they are affordable then the HC-V380K and HDR-PJ410 will be a very ideal options as well because not only cheaper, they are already working very well for better video quality and in addition, there is a long range zoom as well.

Panasonic handycam or camcorder often have the suffix “K” like HC-V380K in their products and it can be quite confusing because we initially thought that it is meant to refer to its fashion or recording format especially those marketed in North America but it turns out to be the fps in AVCHD format because if they are equally maxed out at 1080p, the fps for “K” model will be 60 while the non-suffixed version is at 50fps, making the former slightly a better choice.
Both of Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 are an entry-level camcorder so those with a new iPhone, Samsung, or Pixel may see them as inferior over their high-end smartphones but, since they are video recorder which solely built to optimize video recording activities, things that matters like smooth transition, zooming in and out, less shakiness, smooth panning, fast exposure, dynamic white balance, and better audio are all thought well in a dedicated these recorders. Read also: Panasonic HC-V380K Vs Sony HDR-405 here.

Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 Design
As many other camcorders in the market, none of them are coming with different shape because we are still getting these round main body and then the foldable LCD screen on the left which when closed will forms a more tubular shape. However, there is an interesting feature in HDR-PJ410 because as you can see, this camera also have projector window on the other side of its display which is not available in HC-V380K. Overall they are pretty light at 272 and 210 grams respectively without the battery.

Since they are entry-level camcorder, we also don’t see any viewfinder here so be mindful about the battery life which is claimed to be lasting around an hour and 10 minutes when using the top setting. As we can expect, Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 LCD can be rotated as well to achieve a different angle or when you need to record from the front or a higher than our eye level but, Panasonic is packing a larger screen here for a better view.

Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 Camera
When looking for any camera, what we first see in the unit is usually the kind of sensor, its effective pixel or if available the processor used and like many other entry-level camcorder, both of them are paired with a small sensor or the 1/5.8-inch BSI MOS to be specific with effective pixel of 2.51MP and 2.29MP respectively while those used for video in Panasonic is around 2.2MP. This fairly small sensor and pixel should be enough for daily use but low light performance will be very poor.

On the recording resolution, both of Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 are topping at 1080p so UHD is out of question here but there is a little difference because the former model is rating its frames rate at 60fps and the latter is at 50fps in AVCHD mode. Additionally, Panasonic will capture still images at 10MP in its 16:9 setting but the other camera is topping at 9.2MP in the same size.

Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 Features
On the features part, while none of them are shining bright to offer new capabilities or much upgraded technologies, there is still image stabilization function in these cameras. Panasonic users must be familiar with their Hybrid OIS with the addition of Level Shot function that will detects when the recorder is tilted so the technology will automatically correct it. On the other hand, Sony is still with its Steady Shot with Intelligent Active which is claimed to use frame analytic to improve the footage stabilization.

For those who will watch the result footage with friends and family but prefer the more classic mass viewing, Sony HDR-PJ410 is coming with a dedicated projector that will deliver light output up to 13 lumen with resolution of 640 x 360 and projection size of type 10 to type 100. With Panasonic HC-V380K, while we don’t have projector here, we do have a wide touch-sensitive main display to allow better operation that we think as more convenient.
Another feature we would love to talk about is the zoom ability because these models are quite packed in this session with the former is offering up to 50x Optical Zoom and is extendable to 90x with intelligent zoom. With Sony, we also get up to 30x Optical Zoom and up to 60 Clear Image Zoom.

Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 Performance
On the performance level, Panasonic with touch screen is indeed easier to use and operate compared to when we have to push each button in Sony. The zooms quality are good in both cameras and day recording is working amazing as well but we are actually very impressed how the camera maintain their image stabilization while zooming. Both stabilizations are nice and they are not exceptionally impressive compared to what we have in Action Cameras today but details when zooming is indeed delivered nicely.

Panasonic HC-V380K and Sony HDR-PJ410 are a good entry level camcorder to accompany your activities but in comparison, it is true that Panasonic produce just slightly smoother footage especially when used to record fast moving subject, has far more zooming amounts, and convenient to use due to its wider and touch sensitive screen. But, Sony also have built in projector for a quick mass viewing yet, the size is too small for a whole room to properly see.

Panasonic HC-V380K vs Sony HDR-PJ410

- Super-sharp Full HD 1080p recording;3 inches touch-enabled LCD
- Intelligent 90x zoom, with 5-axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization provides maximum handheld stability
- Wi-Fi and NFC enabled for quickly sharing content and controlling camcorder features remotely
- HDR-PJ410 - 1/5.8' CMOS, 2.29MP, f = 1.9-57.0mm, 6.858 cm (2.7 ') LCD 230400dot, Memory Stick Micro/Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC, Wi-Fi, NFC, USB, HDMI (micro), 235g
- Sony HDR-PJ410. Sensor type: CMOS, Total megapixels: 2.29 MP, Optical sensor size: 1 / 0.228 mm (1 / 5.8 '). Optical zoom: 30x, Digital zoom: 350x, Focal length: 1.9 - 57 mm.
- Camcorder media type: Memory card, Compatible memory cards: MicroSD (TransFlash), MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC, MicroSD (M2), Camera file system: DCF 2.0, Exif 2.3, MPF.

These cameras are definitely worth the price but the choice is all yours since not all of us will have the same preferences. Their price gap is narrow but we do like Panasonic HC-V380K better among the two for its touch display and wide zoom.

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