Panasonic HC V770 vs. Canon Vixia HF R62

Are you planning on buying a new camcorder? Do you have limited budget to spend on them? if your answer is yes then, you need to read this article. In this article we will give you information about some affordable camcorder you can purchase without spending too much money on them. They are Panasonic HC V770 and Canon Vixia HF R62. Both of them can take a great quality videos and are categorized as more affordable choice camcorder available in the market Panasonic HC V770 vs. Canon Vixia HF R62.

In this article we will give you information about?
– What is Panasonic HC V770 and Canon Vixia HF R62
– What can Panasonic HC V770 and Canon Vixia HF R62 offer to you
– HC V770 vs Canon Vixia HF R62

About Panasonic HC V770
Panasonic HC-V770 is one of Panasonic’s HD-only camcorder. If you see it from the design the HC-V770 doesn’t look very much different to its predecessor the HC-V750. They claims that the improvements are internal. This lack of changes in the external look can benefit the accustomed to Panasonic consumers. The high end status of Panasonic HC-V770 does not make this device is difficult to operate. You can operate all the menu from the 3-inch touchscreen, so it will be no need on adding a physical menu buttons next to the display. Read our article on Panasonic HC-V770 vs. Sony HDR-CX405 here.

Panasonic HC V770 Features
Taken from Panasonic the biggest improvements inside HC-V770 is the Wi-Fi functionality. Before using this feature you have to install an app called free Panasonic Image App on your Android phone or iPhone. After the device is linked, you can see the camcorder live view on your mobile devices, you also can use remote operation, like starting the recording session or adjusting various settings. Aside from that Panasonic HC-V770 has a new feature called Wireless Twin Camera. This clever feature is means to allow you to record another angle of a scene and contain it in a picture-in-picture box, without the need of a mounted second camera.

The image quality of HC-V770 doesn’t degrade from the previous Full HD models such as the HC-W850, it can offer you the same exact excellent performance. The color in this camcorder is rich and very realistic in good lighting with plenty of fine details. This camcorder maintained the quality well when the illumination is lowered, with HC-V770 it shows no signs of struggle when used to picking up a bright picture in an averagely lit room at night, such as recording an indoor family event.

If the light is insufficient, there is a small LED video light built in the camcorder that can reach a radius of a few meters. The slow motion feature on this camcorder also able to produce softer footage.

About Canon Vixia HF R62
Canon Vixia HF R62 is Canon’s low cost Dual Flash HD Camcorder, with a 32GB memory planted in it. This camcorder is able to record in full 1920 x 1080 full HD videos. It also has 32X Optical Zoom and 57X advanced zoom. This amount of memory will ease you when taking the camcorder to your vocation, knowing it has enough memory to keep all your taken videos. Moreover the SD card slot is still available if just in case you want to expand its storing. People who are already familiar with Vixia will immediately recognized this camcorder pattern and how it works, because Canon has been using the same approach for the last couple years.

Canon Vixia HF R62 Features
This camcorder also featured with external microphone and headphone jack, which is pretty surprising for an affordable camcorder. This camcorder comes with an HDMI Mini Connector to give you the best quality when connecting it directly to your HDTV. Canon Vixia HF R62 has 3.0 inch LCD touch screen in 230.000 pixels. It also has Dolby Digital 2 channel (AC-3) stereo sound. The Wi-Fi built in this camcorder allow you to share your HD video with your friend and family. You can control your camcorder from afar with remote location, or upload your video to your PC.

Canon Vixia HF R62 able to perform admirably in standard lighting conditions and is proven far better than regular smartphones under low-light condition. The DIGIC DV 4 image processor planted in this camcorder is pretty powerful. However with this affordable price, you can’t get all the features like in the higher end version like the manual control flexibility. This camcorder also has a faster frame rate 60p, which make it great for sports.

Panasonic HC V770 vs. Canon Vixia HF R62

- Long 20X zoom draws in the scene from far away. Compatible with Remote Pan Tilt Cradle (optional)
- Exclusive high-dynamic range feature reduces bright spots for a professional look
- Wirelessly connect your smartphone’s video camera for a picture-in-picture video effect
- DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution and helps provide outstanding imaging performance
- 1080/60p recording in MP4 (35 Mbps) and AVCHD Progressive (28 Mbps) helps ensure high quality capture of moving subjects
- 57x (32.5–1853mm) Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer helps provide outstanding, steady video

When comparing both of them, it is wise to compare the side by side. Both of them are having the same 32GB internal flash memory and also featured with built-in Wi-Fi. From the screen resolution side, they also have the same 3” size, but they have different resolution, Canon is only 230.000 dots, while Panasonic is 460.800 dots. The Panasonic HC-V770 has the backside illumination, while this feature is not present in the Canon Vixia HF R62. The other is the sensor resolution, Canon only has 3.28 MP, while Panasonic has 12.67 MP. So it is clear that if you are planning to take many indoors video, we recommend you to pick the Panasonic HC-V770.

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