Polaroid Z340 vs. Z2300

If you are shopping for a new Polaroid camera this year, read on for a comparison between the Polaroid Z340 vs Z2300. These are two excellent quality point and shoot cameras that print out the photograph instantly, like the old fashioned Polaroid cameras. While the 2 cameras have many of the same features, there are some basic differences you should consider before you purchase your new Polaroid.


Both cameras have the features of a digital camera where you can see your photos on a LCD screen and make minor edits before you print the picture. Both cameras enable you to print your photo within a minute or download the pictures on your computer to save or print out a different size. In addition to the standard shooting programs (daylight, night settings, landscape, portrait), both cameras have additional options such as borders, color options, and backgrounds. While the basics of each camera are the same, there are some major differences.

The Polaroid Z340 is a much larger camera that prints out 3×4 sized photos, which is a standard size. The Z2300 prints photos that are 2×3, which is about the size of a business card. You can download both cameras to your computer to print out different sized photos, but the instant feature is what makes your Polaroid unique. The larger size of the Z340 makes it bulky and harder to carry. The smaller z2300 version is easier to slip into your backpack and easier to handle. The Z340 is a 14 megapixel camera with better quality photos and more special features than the smaller 10 megapixel Z2300 camera. However, the biggest difference between the 2 cameras is the price. Together with all the extras you will want, the z340 can cost well over $500, while the z2300 comes in around $200. The price per picture is cheaper for the Z2300 as well (about .50 per photo vs .60 per photo.)

- Snap, print, and share without using a computer
- 3x4-inch full color photographs that are smudge-proof, water- and tear-resistant
- View and crop your images on the 2.7-inch LCD screen
- Compact size and usability with 3.0” bright color LCD for viewing images
- Prints 2x3” full color images in less than 1 minute
- SD compatible for expanded memory, up to 32GB

Polaroid Z340 vs. Z2300
When deciding between the Polaroid Z340 vs the Polaroid Z2300, you need to decide if spending the extra money is worth it. If a larger, better quality instant picture with more shooting programs is what you are looking for, then the Z340 is your camera. However, if you are looking for an affordable instant camera that is easier to carry around and easier to use with most of the same features, than the Z2300 is the logical choice.

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