Samsung WB350F vs. Nikon S9700

Wondering if you should go with Samsung WB350F or Nikon S9700? Find the answer below! Here, in the following article, we will discuss the differences between Samsung WB350F and Nikon S9700 in order to determine which compact digital camera makes the best value for the money. Both Samsung WB350F and Nikon S9700 are compact digital cameras, and both are 16 MP. Both have zoom lenses, image stabilization, and Wi-Fi for easy and seamless connectivity. Both are standing in a similar price range.

Samsung WB350F vs Nikon S9700

Both models are compact and lightweight. Samsung WB350F is slimmer, while Nikon S9700 is lighter. However, the textured surface on Samsung WB350F really enhances the handling. The textured pattern helps in preventing the camera from accidentally slipping from your hands. Samsung WB350F is available in five colors: black, brown, white, blue, and red. On the other hand, Nikon S9700 is only available in two colors, black and red. Another advantage of Samsung WB350F is the touchscreen control. Samsung WB350F comes with a touch screen in addition to the function buttons, allowing for simple and intuitive operation. (Take a look:Samsung WB350F vs. Canon SX600)

Both cameras are armed with zoom lenses, but Nikon S9700’s lens offers significantly higher zoom levels. It has a longer tele reach and can provide up to 30x optical zoom, 60x Dynamic Fine Zoom. It will allow you to shoot small objects from distances. Samsung WB350F can only provide up to 21x optical zoom, but the larger lens aperture will allow you to shoot in low light conditions as well as to isolate your photo object.

In addition to the larger lens aperture, Samsung WB350F also comes with longer exposure and manual focus, all of which are especially useful in low light conditions. In addition to the manual focus, Samsung WB350F also has manual exposure control. However, the maximum shutter speed is only 1/2000 second and the ISO only goes up to 3200. There are SMART features such as direct social media upload, email, and remote viewfinder.

Nikon S9700 offers higher maximum shutter speed and higher extended ISO. The shutter speed can be set up to 1/4000 second, and the ISO goes up to 6400. These features allow the camera to be more powerful and versatile for different challenges. It can also shoot slow-motion videos, and there is an HDMI output for easy monitoring on an external display screen.

- Share your best photos instantly with Family and Friends with Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC
- SMART features - Social Media Upload, E-mail, Photo beam, Direct Link, Mobile Link
- 21x Optical Zoom for great shots up front or from a distance
- 1080p HD Video
- Zoom up to 30x with optical zoom and 60x with Dynamic Fine Zoom
- Built-in Wi-Fi for instant photo sharing
- Built-in GPS, mapping, Electronic Compass and Points of Interest (POI)
- Full HD 1080p videos with stereo sound for dazzling movies

Samsung WB350F vs. Nikon S9700
Both products are good. Nikon S9700 is nice with the higher zoom, shutter speed, and ISO. However, we recommend you to choose Samsung WB350F due to the manual focus and manual exposure, both of which allow for better control over the images. The SMART features are also handy.

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