Samsung WB350F vs. WB800F

When it comes a comparison between two almost similar thing called camera and even come from the same brand, you will feel so much confuse, because it seems like the hardest choice is ahead on your face. But, you do not have to worry, we are here to help you by making a deal comparison between Samsung WB350F vs Samsung WB800F. Have you been bored about Nikon?

Samsung WB350F vs WB800F

Samsung WB350F
Samsung WB350F compact digital camera comes with a stylish, compact design with retro. This camera comes with size 114 x 65 x 25 mm with a total weight of 216 grams. This camera is very form fitting in the hands with a comfortable grip. Comes with quality materials, making the whole body feels more lightweight yet sturdy. If the note in more detail, this camera body part designed two distinctively retro camera color the past. Compact digital camera also features an LCD Touch Screen hVGA Hybrid 3 inch color comes with the resolution meeting and C-type LCD touch. The Screen of this camera features provided by Samsung’s Hybrid Touch User Interface. Samsung also set up in neat and detail button, the button settings on the device is so impressed minimalist and classic. You will find a range of typical settings button like other digital cameras. At the top, there is the fashion befits of DSLR camera premium

Samsung WB800F
Samsung WB250F vs WB800F are the other one which explain more about WB800F, this will be no doubt if you read that. Samsung WB800F is available in sizes that are very slim. Do not assume that the body then WB-800F small will reduce performance. This Samsung product offering outstanding performance by providing the results of the shooting is a very sharp and rich colors. A 16.3-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor which embedded on this camera makes it easy to snap photos optimally even in the minimal lighting though. Samsung WB-800F telephoto lens also comes with ability to zoom 21 times. Samsung WB-800F provides the capability of full HD video recording as well as a series of shooting modes which can be selected according to your needs. This digital camera has Smart Mode for special effects, including the Action Freeze Mode, Fireworks to Light Trace Mode. There is also Wi-fi connectivity for sharing practical. WB-800F Hybrid provides any Touch Display to a more comfortable operation.

- SMART features - Social Media Upload, E-mail, Photo beam, Direct Link, Mobile Link, PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder, All Share
- 21x Optical Zoom for great shots up front or from a distance
- MicroSD card required
- SMART features - Social Media Upload, E-mail, Direct Link, Mobile Link, PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder, All share, Cloud Service
- 21x Optical Zoom
- 1080p HD Video

Based on the features that compared side by side on each camera, we find that the differences only take place in ISO and weight. Even the design and the choice of colors are the same. If you want a lightweight camera, go for Samsung WB800F, it is 60grams lighter than Samsung WB350F.

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