Sony DSC W730 Vs Sony DSC W800

Pocket cameras are a convenient and fun way to take pictures. Many compact cameras like Sony DSC W730 Vs Sony DSC W80 are ideal as your primary device when traveling. These cameras can produce good image quality and are very easy to use. They are also much cheaper than typical mid-range to flagship smartphones. Let’s see which model you should get and why you may like these cameras.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • Do You Need a Pocket Camera
  • What are Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800
  • How is the Design of the Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800
  • How are the Camera Specs of Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800
  • How is the Image Quality of the Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800
  • How is the Performance of the Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800
  • Sony DSC W730 Vs Sony DSC W800

Pocket Cameras

The era of pocket cameras may have passed since cell phones started integrating cameras into the system. The current trend is film cameras which give you a retro experience and unique photos. But you can always opt for the pocket digital camera. This camera type can have a decent amount of optical zoom and produce good image quality in good lighting. The camera can be your backup when the smartphone battery runs out, or if you prefer to use a dedicated device to take photos.

About Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800

Most well-known companies no longer upgrade and develop their pocket cameras because the focus has shifted to a prosumer market where the demand is. The current trend is still high-end cameras that can cover a variety of applications. But pocket cameras are cheaper and can be an excellent alternative for casuals who need a dedicated device or have no plan on buying a flagship phone with the best camera and processing. These pocket cameras are easy to use and priced with good image and video quality.

We believe most people are familiar with Sony as one of the leading camera makers. Their lineup of mirrorless cameras is among the most advanced in the market. Sony also makes good pocket cameras that won’t drain your wallet, like Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800. These cameras are perfect for casuals who prefer taking photos with a dedicated camera. The image quality won’t be as fantastic as the more professional options, but they work well for outdoor applications and anywhere with a good amount of light.

As the name suggests, the Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 are close siblings. Both cameras share many similarities with some differences. Sony aims for casual photographers who don’t want to spend a lot on a camera, and these two can offer good performance, more importantly, are easy to use. DSLR and mirrorless cameras are more capable and let you control many different parameters, making them less user-friendly. We suggest getting the DSC W800 as it is the better camera and is still very affordable.

Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 Design

One of the best things about the Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 is the size. Most people use a smartphone with a 6 inches display while these cameras are about the size of your credit card. The W800 is slightly slimmer when the lens is extended and wider than the W730. These cameras have the same button layout. You can see the power and capture buttons at the top. The rear panel has a 2.7 inches 230k dots display and a set of buttons on the right side.

Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 Camera Specs

The sensor is the core difference between Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800. Both cameras use the same sensor size or 1/2.3-inch type, which is also common in smartphones. The small sensor should be enough for casual photographers who primarily take photos outdoors or with decent lighting. The difference is that the W800 has greater pixels, 20MP compared to 16MP in W730. The maximum resolution in W730 is 4608 x 3456 while W800 is 5155 x 3864 with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and 16:9. The ISO range is identical from 100 to 3200.

You can only take pictures in JPEG format as none of these cameras support RAW files. The optical zoom is also different because the W800 can zoom up to 5x and the W730 up to 8x. As for the video resolution, we can only shoot video at 720p, arguably low by today’s standard. We believe most people can record 4K on their smartphone’s main camera. The built-in features are a mono microphone and speakers so you can record audio and playback through the display. Read also: Sony DSC W800 Vs Canon IXUS 185.

Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 Image Quality

The image quality from Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 is pretty good for the price and size. We can’t get a crystal sharp picture like from high-end cameras, but the result is still pretty good whether you want to upload it on social media or print it at a moderate size. Using these cameras outdoors in good weather will give you excellent results. They can capture good details, dynamic range, and awesome colors. These cameras can capture the beautiful blue sky and colorful landscapes pretty well.

We think the ISO 800 still produces an acceptable result, such as when taking photos indoors or at night. ISO 1600 is not recommended as the images become too grainy, almost like typical phone cameras were 10 years ago. It is worth noting that the longer you zoom, the worse the image quality, so it is wise to adjust the parameters depending on your preference.

Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 Performance

The Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 perform well under normal conditions. The cameras are not snappy, but they are not slow either. Unfortunately, we don’t have a tilting screen for a selfie-ready camera. As expected, the two use contrast detection autofocus, which works pretty accurately most of the time. These cameras also have face detection for better focus when taking pictures of people. The built-in flash can help, but none of the two come with a hot shoe to add external lighting.

Sony DSC W730 Vs Sony DSC W800

Pocket cameras are convenient and easy to use. The Sony DSC W730 and Sony DSC W800 are ideal options for casual photographers who want a reliable yet affordable camera. The main difference is that the W730 has a lower pixel count but a more extended zoom range than W800. The image quality is similar under good lighting with low ISO and zoom. The W730 can zoom further, but it hurts the image quality. Due to the pixel count, W800 photos may look sharper when you peek at the details.

- 16.1 megapixel plus 8x optical zoom captures detailed subjects
- Optical SteadyShot Image stabilization with 2-way active mode
- Capture your videos in 720p HD Movie mode¹
- Creative shooting with Picture and Beauty effects
- MP Super HAD CCD sensor for beautifully detailed images. Blink Detection
- Sony Lens w/ 5x Optical Zoom and 360 sweep panorama
- Reduced blur with SteadyShot Image stabilization.Recording Format:Still Images: JPEG , Movie: AVI (Motion JPEG)
- Capture your videos in 720p HD Movie mode


The decision is yours because both cameras can produce similarly good photos. We suggest getting the DSC W800 because Sony has already discontinued the W730. This camera also has a higher pixel for sharper results, especially if you want to print photos. The speed and features are mostly identical, including the low-light performance.

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