Sony DSC W800 vs Canon IXUS 185

Owning a dedicated camera is still relevant today since they are capable of providing a better quality and more manual controls for the users. If you are just looking for a good camera for a very limited budget, digital cameras like Sony DSC w800 vs Canon IXUS 185 can be your next options. Both of them are coming with a set of similar capabilities yet, may also different. Go check our article below to see which item will be the better option.

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– Sony DSC W800 vs Canon IXUS 185

Digital Camera
Camera has been one part of our life to never miss a chance on immortalizing a moment. They have been available since a very long time ago and continuously upgraded to be better and of course more compact. In the current market where digital camera which used to dominate the demand lost in competition, now we are wondering whether owning such item will be beneficial for us anymore or not because many of us are already equipped with capable smartphones that may come with a reliable camera.

While this question is always asked everywhere, we believe that the user themselves are in charge of the decision since as you may already know, while digital cameras do lack many of their higher-end versions capabilities, some of them are still equipped with enough features to let you take a shot with confidence. The first reason is even in an entry-level point and shoot camera, there is a sensor that usually larger than the one in our smartphone and this will lead to higher quality images.

This is because larger sensor will gather more light and in term of quality, may also mean larger pixels that will give a significant benefit to your images. For those with more to spend, there are even compact camera that already come with 1-inch type sensor which clearly better than most smartphones. Another benefit is the optical zoom; we do indeed have zoom in smartphone but they are digital which mean, they crop the image making them will suffer in quality, different with an optical zoom.

For those who want more control when taking pictures, some digital, point and shoot cameras are also providing a set of manual controls for you to adjust. While not all of those cameras have the amount of control you want, it is still come in handy when you need them. Compared to a DSLR or a Mirrorless, they are also smaller and take less space to carry around, great for anyone who want to travel light yet still able to capture anything interesting on sight.

About Sony DSC W800
If you are here to spend less and still get a dependable cameras, Sony have what you are looking for with their DSC W800 digital camera. This unit is probably the most affordable camera you can get from Sony because they are tagged less than $100 which is cheap enough for user to not very worry about digging in too deep into their pocket. With the price tag we can see that the camera is meant for novice photographers or any casual users out there who want to have a dedicated camera.

Sony DSC W800 Design
From the outside, Sony DSC W800 is looking like any compact camera from the company and while they look very pleasing on picture, the item itself feels quite fragile when handled since they are made with plastic material especially the back side with metal front. Control is very easy to use; zoom is done with buttons, a shutter release and power button on top with a round control on the back side along with its OK button. The memory slot is available below and the battery is rated with 200 shoots.

Sony DSC W800 Features
Introduced in 2014, this camera is coming with all the standard features you can expect on a camera in this price range. It is coming with an optical 5x zoom with a lens that has a 5 cm minimum macro focusing ability and a focal range equivalent to 26-130 mm. While this is understandable for a point and shoot with limited capabilities, Sony DSC W800 is still boasting the 20.10-megapixel sensor, capable of providing you that 720p footage at 30 fps with an ISO range from 100 to 3200.

On the result side, this camera is actually dependable but will not amaze you since the image taken with the camera, especially when the light is reduced and ISO increase are suffering in quality, from the ISO 1600 and above. When tested with a lower ISO setting and in bright condition or when you use the flash, the result indeed reasonable and clear with a decent quality. In short, as long as you keep the light or plan to shoot on bright day only, the camera will be still a good option.

In addition, there is a reasonable balance between highlight and shadow detail while the auto white is reliable and doesn’t introduce unpreferable color casts. As it has been mentioned above, Sony DSC W800 is capable of performing 5x optical zoom and when tested, this zoom is producing minimal distortion and have a good corner sharpness as well.

However, there is a little purple fringing when you took a high contrast shots. Another thing you may want to consider is the sweep panorama feature since despite the good performance, it will leave an extremely soft downsized photo. On the storage, the camera is suitable with SD/SDHC/SDXC/Memory Stick/Memory Stick Pro Duo, and Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo memory cards. Read also: Sony DSC W800 vs DSC830 here.

About Canon IXUS 185
Because we have so many options out there, it is good to look around first before deciding on your previous option because we may find a better products or see something more interesting in the same range of budget you have. Among those many point and shoot cameras today, Canon probably also have the one you are looking for called IXUS 185. Coming from one of the most popular camera manufacturers, we don’t have to worry about this item quality.

This camera is not a new item anymore because they have been available since the early 2000, making it still going around even more than 15 years later today. While the market for this type of digital, point and shoot have been harmed by smartphones in the last decade, we can still see many people buying a camera for their personal reasons, making Canon IXUS 185 still have place in people’s heart.

Canon IXUS 185 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, this camera is clearly been released a long time ago since the design and overall look are native to older digital cameras. Don’t get us wrong though, they are not bulky at all with a very compact handling. The case is metal and very sturdy when handled with a very limited controls available. The shutter and power are placed on top and the rest controls are placed at the back along with a standard screen.

Canon IXUS 185 Features
On the feature side, Canon IXUS 185  is coming with a decent 20-megapixel effective resolution from a small ½.3-inch CCD sensor with an optical zoom up to 8x and despite only having a depth of an adult finger, providing a 28-224mm equivalent in focal range. Of course there is a digital zoom as well here that we can extended up to 16x if you want but we will definitely suffer in quality and they simply runs on after the maximum optical zoom has been reached.

Like with any camera with small sensor, the common problem we are concerning is the noise and this camera is the same with its ISO range from 100 to 1600. When tried with higher setting, Canon IXUS 185 introduced a suffered image quality with soften or degraded detail to disguise the noise. This happened when ISO is set above 800, thus it is better to stay with the lower setting or try to use lighting when you want to take image in dim condition.

While the low light performance is as expected not reliable, this camera is still dependable when shooting in bright daylight or place where the lighting is proper. The flash will automatically activated even in such condition when the camera take a little soft image unless you deactivate it. It is a bit unusual since it happen in a proper lighted room, so be wary about this as well. On the image result, they appear to be warm and colorful and if you want, we can boost the saturation as well.

Now, let’s compare Sony DSC W800 with Canon IXUS 185. As you may already know, both of them are featured with the same sensor with the same effective pixels. What separate them from each other are the maximum optical image zoom and focal length since Canon is offering more zoom capability with a longer focal length while Sony is offering a higher ISO limit.

Sony DSC W800 vs Canon IXUS 185

- MP Super HAD CCD sensor for beautifully detailed images.
- Sony Lens w/ 5x Optical Zoom.
- Reduced blur with SteadyShot Image stabilization
- Capture your videos in 720p HD Movie mode
- Sleek, user-friendly compact camera
- Equipped with many creative features
- Powerful zooming function
- Compact and easy to carry along

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since just like everything else, we are bound by our preferences. Both of these digital cameras are very affordable and have the same price range, but if we are to choose, we will pick Canon IXUS 185 because this one have more optical zoom and wider focal length so you can reshape a scene as you want.

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