Sony DSC W830 Vs Sony DSC W810

Sony makes some of the best professional cameras, but it also has consumer-level options like Sony DSC W830 Vs Sony DSC W810. These cameras are ideal for casual photographers, travelers, and everyone who wants a dedicated camera without draining their wallet. The two share similarities and differences as close siblings, so let’s see what you can expect from the two and which fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • Do You Need a Digital Camera
  • What are Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810
  • How is the Design of the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810
  • What are the Camera Specs of the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810
  • How is the Image Quality from Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810
  • How is the Experience with Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810
  • How are the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 for Video
  • Sony DSC W830 Vs Sony DSC W810

Digital Cameras

Do you need a digital camera? The answer depends on your application because everyone has their priority. Digital cameras are less convenient than smartphones, but they can be more reliable at shooting in low light and tracking moving subjects. The dedicated camera is crucial only if you are a hobbyist or professional because a camera lets you experiment with various settings for your photography style. Of course, the image quality will vary depending on your camera and what you want to compare it with.

About Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810

If you are a casual user, the camera doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t need a mirrorless with an interchangeable lens. Many pocket and bridge cameras like Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 are perfect options for the pocket. The bridge models like Kodak Pixpro AZ421 Vs AZ252 are also good options for those who want the zoom lens. Buying a camera is like buying a smartphone; it is best to match the product with your application and needs.

Pocket cameras like Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 are handy for a backup. These cameras use a smaller sensor than what iPhone 14 Pro is carrying now, but the advantage is that they are much cheaper than a flagship smartphone. These cameras are ideal as a backup if you run out of battery or storage and can be a good alternative for everyone who prefers taking pictures the more traditional way. As close siblings, the two share the same core or sensor size and most features.

The primary difference between Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 is the lens, which makes the two perform slightly differently. We aren’t sure why Sony has two almost identical cameras in the lineup, especially when the price gap is also narrow. But if you want a camera that can zoom further, the DSC W830 is a good choice. Otherwise, these cameras are almost identical.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 Design

While the core is identical, you can quickly tell the two cameras apart. As you can see, the W810 has a silver lens housing while the W830 has a black lens housing; the grip is also slightly different, with the W810 having a slightly thicker panel. The size differs, with the W830 being a more compact camera at 93 x 52 x 23 mm versus 97 x 56 x 21 mm. The top panel has power and shooting buttons, while the rear panel has a fixed screen and other buttons; the display is the same size and resolution (230K dots).

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 Camera Specs

Let’s see what the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 can offer, starting from the camera specs. As mentioned above, the two share the same core or 20MP 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor but with a different lens. The W810 uses a 27 – 162mm F3.5 – 6.5 lens with 6x zoom abilities versus W830 with a 25 – 200 mm F3.3 – 6.3 lens that can do 8x optical zoom. These cameras can take 5,152 x 3,864 photos with a 20MP sensor or 3,648 X 2,736 with a 10MP resolution. The ISO range is adjustable from 100 – 3200.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 Image Quality

Image quality is also an essential factor to consider in your camera. Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 have the same core, which mainly give the same performance in terms of picture quality. These cameras can take beautiful pictures in good lighting and when your subject remains still. The autofocus is unreliable if you try to capture a moving object and expect to get a perfect shot every time. The main difference between the pictures is from the lens because shooting the same subject gives you a narrow view from W810.

The difference between a 25 and 27 mm lens is noticeable, even though these cameras are generally slightly narrower than typical options at around 24mm. Another difference is the zoom length done through the lens because W830 can zoom further with its 200mm lens versus W810 with its 162mm lens. The low light performance is identical, and it is best to shoot with adequate lighting because small sensors don’t work well in this condition.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 Experience

Another advantage of the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 is the ease of use. More expensive cameras like those for enthusiasts and professionals have many adjustable settings that most people are unaware of, but it is also the charm of better digital cameras. These pocket models are straightforward because the cameras automatically decide most settings for you. You only have to power the camera, aim and determine the focus, and snap the picture. Both cameras have tracking and face tracking focus to lock the focus on your frame instantly.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 Video

Digital cameras can also record video, which makes the device handy because video takes up a lot of storage on your memory card or phone. Unfortunately, the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 are unsuitable if you want to use them for vlogging. The maximum video resolution is 720p, much lower than modern smartphones. The frame rate is only up to 30fps, which is also unsuitable for making slow-motion recordings. However, the image quality is still acceptable when viewed from a small screen.

Sony DSC W830 Vs Sony DSC W810

The Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC W810 are close siblings with the same core and features. The price gap is also narrow, and the main difference between the two is the lens. This lens affects how you capture the image because W830 has a bigger lens providing a wider view and longer zoom versus the lens for W810. Performance is very similar since the two also use the same processor. While the image quality is pretty good in ideal condition, the small sensor is less capable than the more expensive cameras.

- 20.1 Megapixel Plus 8x Zoom
- Optical Steady Shot image Stabilization with 2-way Active Mode
- 720p MP4 HD Movie Mode ; This product is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.
- Panorama Shooting: 360 Sweep Panorama; Minimum Illumination: Auto: 22.0 lux Shutter Speed 1/30
- 20.1MP Super HAD CCD sensor for beautifully detailed images, Sony Lens w/ 6x Optical Zoom, Easy shooting in Party Mode
- Reduced blur with SteadyShot Image stabilization, Capture your videos in 720p HD Movie mode, Simplify camera menu with Easy Mode, Creative shooting with Picture Effects
- Take stunning images in Sweep Panorama mode-up to 360 degrees, Smile Shutter technology automatically captures smiles, Conveniently charge your battery via USB


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. We recommend getting the DSC W830 if you want a further zoom because this camera has a bigger lens that can help you get closer to a subject. We also prefer the wide view from this model because W810 produces a narrower picture even at the widest setting.

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