Sony DSC W830 Vs Sony DSC WX350

Sony is a leading camera brand with some of the most advanced professional cameras. But, you can still find many casual options like the Sony DSC W830 Vs Sony DSC WX350 that offer ease of use, good image quality, and portability. These cameras are ideal for everyone who needs a dedicated camera and doesn’t want to rely on their smartphone fully. You can also gift one of these models to new hobbyists. Let’s see what the two can offer and which fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • Which Camera to Buy
  • What are Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350
  • How is the Design of the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350
  • What are the Camera Specs of the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350
  • How is the Image Quality from Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350
  • What are the Shooting Modes in Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350
  • Sony DSC W830 Vs Sony DSC WX350

Choosing a Pocket Camera

Buying a new camera can be challenging because there are so many options, and you may need to know what each camera can offer. For casual users, we recommend considering what you need from the device, such as size and features. Most people want a sharp picture from an easy-to-use camera, so the pocket variant should do the job. You may also need to see how good the photos are compared to your current smartphone because flagship models nowadays are fantastic. Still, a dedicated camera offers a more authentic experience.

About Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350

We suggest matching the camera with the applications because not everyone will use the device for the same purposes. If you need something easy to use and portable, the pocket cameras like Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 are ideal options. These cameras sound similar and make many wonder which model they should get. While not on par with interchangeable lenses, these cameras can take beautiful shots and are very easy to use, an easy alternative to flagship smartphone cameras with fewer features.

The main difference between Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 is that you can consider the latter an ultra-zoom model with a different lens used by W830. Both cameras use the same sensor, probably with a similar sensor area to most smartphones. The best advantage of a zoom lens is you can get closer to a subject that may be impossible to get close to manually, such as a tip of a building or bridge. Of course, only some people need this feature, where the DSC W830 comes in handy.

Generally, Sony has W and WX series, which the latter usually offer a longer zoom than its W variant. But, many options from this collection share identical features and physical qualities. Overall, both cameras will have similar image quality, but the WX350 may offer more. The two are perfect for casual photographers, travelers, or anyone needing a point-and-shoot compact. Read also: Sony DSC W830 Vs Canon Ixus 185 here.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 Design

One of the most significant advantages of the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 is the size because the two are smaller than most smartphones but thicker. The rounded edges make the cameras feel comfortable in a pocket. The WX350 has an arguably better aesthetic and build quality, especially when you see the rear panel where all of its controls are painted black instead of silver, like in the W830. The rear screen is similarly 3 inches, but WX350 has a better resolution, even though you will still find it challenging to see them under sunlight.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 Camera Specs

Let’s see what the Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 can offer, starting from the camera specs. Both cameras use the same sensor size or 1/2.3-inch type, but the pixel count differs because W80 has a 20MP camera versus WX350’s 18MP sensor. The sensor area is the same, so more pixel count means that the pixel size is smaller to fit in the same space. The significant difference is lens type because the W830 has a 25 – 200mm lens versus 25 – 500mm in the WX350.

Simply put, the longer the focal length, the longer the zoom range, which makes WX350 support up to 20x optical zoom, while W830 only does 8x zoom. As for the aperture, W830 is adjustable from F3.3 – 6.3 and WX350 from F3.5 – 6.5, which should be enough for various applications. As for the video recording, WX350 records up to 1080p 60fps while W830 tops at 720p 30fps, making the latter less suitable for hybrid users or, if you will, often recording video on the camera.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 Image Quality

Now let’s see the image quality, which looks identical as the cameras use the same sensor and most likely the same processing. The major difference is that the zoom length is greater on the WX350; you can get closer and twice as much from the W830. It is worth noting that shooting at the highest zoom requires a very steady hand which is almost impossible with small and lightweight cameras. Since the WX350 has a different aperture range, the image also looks a bit brighter at the widest opening.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 have Sony SteadyShot, which is always active to help you get a sharp picture and works well. The video quality is similar to many older cameras, and the lack of 4K can be a deal breaker for some people. Still, most people don’t buy these cameras for videos. Many action cameras or similar options can offer much better qualities and more features.

Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 Shooting Modes

The Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350 also have a few shooting modes, but there is no manual option. If you are an enthusiast who needs manual adjustment, these cameras are not ideal. Our favorite mode is Intelligent Auto which recognizes the subject and automatically adjusts the settings, perfect for snap-and-go. There is also Program Auto allowing you to access raft and other settings to affect the results. You can change settings: ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, and focus.

Sony DSC W830 Vs Sony DSC WX350

Many pocket cameras can produce good image quality, but they also vary, like Sony DSC W830 and Sony DSC WX350. The camera uses similar technology with a major difference in the lens, as WX350 gives you a more extended zoom range. This difference is also the most important for casual photographers. Other differences are WX350 can record 1080p and has a stereo microphone versus 720p in W830 with a mono microphone. The WX350 also has a better build quality and rear screen.

- 20.1 Megapixel Plus 8x Zoom
- Optical Steady Shot image Stabilization with 2-way Active Mode
- 720p MP4 HD Movie Mode ; This product is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.
- Panorama Shooting: 360 Sweep Panorama; Minimum Illumination: Auto: 22.0 lux Shutter Speed 1/30
- 20x Optical/40x Clear Image Zoom G Lens
- Keep your subject in focus with Lock-On AF
- Simple connectivity to smartphones via Wi-Fi w/ NFC3
- Motion Shot Video traces subject movement


The decision is yours because only some have the same preferences. We recommend getting the W830 if you don’t need the extra-long zoom range because this model is cheaper and produces good image quality, especially with more pixels for sharper photos. But, the WX350 is more suitable if you need it’s zoom range, which will be handy for traveling. This camera also has a better screen and build quality.

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