Sony FDR AX53 vs Sony FDR AX33

For those who are going to record video footage but don’t have a dedicated camera or a reliable smartphone with better image quality, camcorder like Sony FDR AX53 Vs Sony FDR AX33 can still be a great solution to consider. Both of them are capable of delivering a good image quality, various features on board, as well as more ideal for video shooting application. If you are also eyeing these cameras, go check what they can offer below and get the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are 4K Camcorders Worth It
  • What are Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33
  • What Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 Look Like
  • How are the Video Quality of Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33
  • What else Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 can offer
  • How are the Image Stabilization in Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33
  • Sony FDR AX53 Vs Sony FDR AX33

Advantages of 4K Video Recorder

Customers always want to get the better product for their reliability and experience, the same with cameras which are getting better and better with advanced technology today. In the past, a compact camera that we can fit in our pocket is enough for occasional photo taking events but today more people are becoming enthusiastic and the line between professional and customer-based products are getting blurrier. This includes how smartphones have improved so much to take amazing footage and still images; all paired with advanced processing and instant sharing.

Today, everything is about 4K that even smartphones are capable of taking this quality already especially for those in higher price range but, how about the dedicated camera. The term has been used for quite some time now and even before phones are featuring this quality on their products, cameras and displays are the first to offer the new standard. Today, everything is 4K including your TV and if the camera is meant to record footage, a matching resolution will deliver the best experience.

  • 4K Camera for Better HD Image

HD cameras are capable natively recording at 1080p and they are quite cheap today that some start around $100 depending on the age and model such as the Canon Vixia HF R800 Vs Panasonic HC V180K but if you are recording HD with 4K cameras, the result will be even more amazing. 4K cameras will scale their image down and what you will see is sharper images but with size smaller in comparison to save storage. This is because they are oversampling each pixel by factor four.

  • 4K Camera for Better Editing

Not all of us are going to edit the footage after doing recording for some post-production adjustment but if you are the type who loves to refine the videos before sending them, viewing them, or just show it to other people, a 4K video makes editing like zoom, crop, or pan easier to do. It is not impossible to edit HD images but with quality as 4 times better, we can still maintain full HD video even after some cropping.

  • 4K Camera Allow for Better Stabilization

One of our biggest issues with amateur video recording is how to make the camera stay still especially if the activity it’s involved is requiring the camera to move along the shooter. Here 4K pixels come to the rescue because these many pixels will come in handy for stabilizing the footage in post-production later especially with software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut which carry image stabilization algorithms to fix your footage. They will decrease the resolution by strategically scaling, rotating and cropping from frame to frame hence 4K works better.

About Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33

If your goal is getting a better video quality from the dedicated camera, it is always better to aim for those that are at least capable of taking the UHD footage. They are indeed not as affordable as the HD video recorder but you will get those benefits in addition to amazing video quality. Depending on the model as well, some 4K camcorders are packing interesting features as well to aid the video shooting activity and you may also love these whistles and bells.

There are tons of offerings in the market and you can pick any of them for the gap of one product to another especially those in the same price range are mostly very narrow yet, we tend to stick with popular brands due to their chance of having better technologies and more reliable product’s quality. Among those many companies making cameras, Sony is one of the most popular options to shop from for they have various models to consider and we do love their image quality.

Sony cameras are known for their mirrorless type and they do have a head start in the game but they also have a good range of camcorder or video recorder in the catalogue for those who are more interested in capturing moving footage than still images. Two of their 4K cameras you may want to consider are Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33. Both of them are very similar to each other with amazing crisp footage, useful features, and pretty affordable price.

As the name suggests, both of them are close brothers which makes them have very similar properties but as the slightly higher model, it may make the AX53 a slightly nicer option for those who are looking for top experience. However, the fact is not as straightforward because these two are on par with each other despite the different price point.

Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 Design

Side by side your Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 are pretty much the same camcorders because their external are identical to each other and probably along with other FDR models in the family range but, the big brother is also slightly bulkier in comparison and when you put the batteries, holding them on both hand gives you the feeling that the AX33 is actually heavier which is surprising. They are still very light, slightly over 1 lb. so a little bit less stable as a handheld.

They are made very sturdy and seem to be able to last for a long time with a thick and solid build, making you less worried about putting them on a backpack or when mounting them on moving objects like a vehicle. They equally have the same wide lens housing and a flipping display on the left which you can rotate as well and this screen is touch-sensitive as well as responsive to allow you navigate the menu easily.

Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 Video Quality

Moving further, let’s see what Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 can offer here and you may be surprised to see how similar they are to each other. First thing first they are carrying the same 1/2.5 or 1/2.3 back illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor with around 8.2 MP effective pixel to record video and about 8.29 compared to 10.3MP for the still image respectively. This makes their still images may seem a little bit crisper on the little brother but the video quality should be the same.

When tested both of their footages looks very good but also different and this is because you will see a higher dynamic range with the FDR AX53 for some reason with darker black and brighter whites or the overall contrast looks better in this camera. The AX33 is still good but side by side the image seems a bit darker and despite being used with adequate outdoor light. As for the audio quality, they have Zoom microphone built-in the unit but you can add external mic as well when needed.

Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 Zoom and Feature

What makes the FDR AX53 more expensive beside the recording difference is probably the zoom range amount because here you will be offered with up to 20x optical zoom which is twice as much as what you get from the AX33 while the digital zoom itself is up to 250x compared to 120x. The big brother also double the Clear Image Zoom on both 4K and HD modes. Similar to many camcorders, they are using Contrast based Autofocus and you can opt to use them in manual or auto mode.

If you will be viewing the footage in fast or slow playback, Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 are offering both functions so we can play video as fast as 60 times and slowing them down up to 1/5 speed. 

Sony FDR AX53 and Sony FDR AX33 Image Stabilization

The last point we want to mention is their image stabilization and here both of them are already using Balance Optical SteadyShot but this technology works best when you are in HD mode rather than their 4K one. The full technology uses 5-axis Intelligent active mode in HD setting while we also want to mention that their top quality resolution is working at 25fps at best. We want to mention these models carry 5.1 channels microphone but the 4K will reduce it to 2.1 only.

Sony FDR AX53 vs Sony FDR AX33

Both of them are a great choice for anyone who are in the market for a 4K camcorder but they are also different because as it has been mentioned above, the AX53 footages appear to have better dynamic range and more pleasant to watch in our opinion with popping colors and high contrast yet may look slightly unnatural for some and this model also capable of doubling all the zooms range from the AX33.

- 4K XAVC-S recording with 16.6MP, Exmor R sensor, B.O.SS stabilization
- ZEISS lens(26.8mm) 20x optical zoom in 4K, 30x Clear Image Zoom in 4K
- 3.0" LCD (Touch panel), EVF, Wi-Fi/NFC, manual ring, night shot, 4K Time-lapse capture
- Built-in Zoom Microphone. Minimum Focus Distance- approx. 13/32 Inch (Wide), approx. 31 1/2 Inch (Tele), approx. 1 cm (Wide), approx. 80 cm (Tele). Focal Length (35mm equivalent) (Still Image)- f=26.8-536.0 mm (16:9) f=32.8-656.0 mm (4:3).Focal Length (35 mm equivalent) (Video)- f=26.8-536.0 mm (16:9)2
- Capture 4K/24P/30P video that far exceeds HD resolution
- Zeiss lens w/ balanced optical Steady Shot image stabilization
- Direct Pixel read out for smooth edges and color gradation.Iris Diaphragm:6 blades
- Manual control ring (Iris/shutter/exposure/white balance). manual Iris control: F1. 8-F9. 6, shutter speed: manual Iris control (photo mode) 1/30–1/10000


You can pick any of these cameras since there is no bad option but if you are willing to add the budget, we do recommend getting Sony FDR AX53 because this model has a more pleasant video to enjoy and has further zoom in case you will be recording something further away.


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