Sony HDR CX405 vs. Panasonic HC V180K

Video recorder has been exist since long time ago and even though the technology has bring us to a new era where our smartphone can do many basic tasks involving camera, they are still lacking behind since it is not their main purpose. Among those many camcorder available, Sony HDR CX405 vs Panasonic HC V180K are very popular among users and if you are also interested in them, go check our article below to see which unit suit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Sony HDR CX405 and Panasonic HC V180K
– What Sony HDR CX405 and Panasonic HC V180K Look Like
– What Sony HDR CX405 and Panasonic HC V180K can offer to you
– Sony HDR CX405 vs Panasonic HC V180K

About Sony HDR CX405
It is almost impossible to never hear about Sony, one of the big camera manufacturer in the world and the fact that they already making handycam since long time ago also become a great asset for developing the future products. One of their favorite handycam is HDR CX405 which is actually already available since few years ago but still a relevant item to get today because it offer a set of modern features you will surely love in video recording camera. Read also: Sony HDR CX405 vs. Sony HDR CX240 here.

Sony HDR CX405 Design
With the release of this camcorder, it seems that the company still don’t want to move on from the previous models because aesthetically speaking, HDR CX405 is still looking like its predecessor retaining the shape and weight. However, it is by no mean, the design is bad because it’s lightweight proven to be very ideal when carried around while the compact design won’t hinder your video shooting activity. The natural design of camcorder combined with hand strap making it far more comfortable for video taking compared to when using other cameras or smartphones.

Sony HDR CX405 Features
In the feature side, if you ever use the former model, you will know that this one is the upgraded version because the company decide to not eliminate the essential features that make a camcorder very useful such as the support for MP4 and AVCHD codecs together with the company’s AVC S format that will allow you to record high quality footage in 1080p at 60p. It all thanks to the 26.8 wide angle ZEISS lens, so now video can be zoomed more than what you can perform in previous models like CX240.

This lens when combined with BIONZ X image processor will let you perform 30x Optical Zoom and up to 60x Clear Image Zoom using their special algorithms. As you may already know, Optical Zoom offer the best result but Clear Image Zoom has been improved to also offer better images because the processor will create new pixels in an attempt to make images look sharper. To be friendlier with young people, there are 7 picture effects to enhance both videos and still images.

HDR CX405 also capable of doing face detection up to 8 people and what’s good about this feature is it will adjust the flash, focus, exposure, and white balance to help you get that properly lit results when shooting people. Its Intelligent Auto modes will analyzes your shot and then automatically select the most suitable from its 10 scene modes as well as wind noise reduction.

About Panasonic HC V180K
If you think that the capabilities of HDR CX405 is still not enough and want to find an even more powerful camcorder, you need to check Panasonic HC V180K. This unit also release few years back but still relevant to pick today because not only it able to perform really well, it is also supporting a higher zoom than many other cameras in its class. As the successor of V160, if you ever use the older model, you can expect some improvements here.

Panasonic HC V180K Design
Comparing this camcorder from its older model, what’s been improved from the outside is the form factor because it is supporting a better hand strap for better comfort when operating the camera. The physical controls are also only a few to access its core features and easy recording, so you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed by the set. It has a standard 2.7-inch LCD with 230.400 dots to let you see the setting and view the results, moreover, this is a touch sensitive screen.

Panasonic HC V180K Features
Just like the previous model, taken from CNET, HC V180K is still using the same 1/5.8-inch BSI MOS sensor but the lens is improved to have better capabilities. Thanks to the improvement, now this camera will be able to perform 50x Optical Zoom and if you want, there is even Intelligent Zoom feature to extend it up to 90x. Zooming up to this point may not result in a good images but the camera has done a good job to make it at least to the acceptable level.

As for the image stabilization, HC V180K has 5-axis HYBRID Optical image stabilizer with level shot function which is of course a good addition for the users because the camera can maintain a straight view even when it is slightly tilted, so you can capture hard to get footage while in activities like hiking or climbing. You can even manually adjust this feature through the dedicated button to set the intensity level. Another good improvement is now this camcorder able to capture 1080p at 50p 28 Mbps.

To add into its set of capabilities, the company decide to also add a cool miniature effect option together with its 8mm and Silent Movie modes as well as the time lapse recording feature. Since this camcorder lacks if internal memory and doesn’t come with one, you will need to purchase it separately. You also don’t need to buy the fastest one since HC V180K still can’t record 4K videos.

Now, let’s compare Sony HDR CX405 with Panasonic HC V180K. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these camcorders is the fact that C180K is capable of doing more zoom compared to the other while also using a touch sensitive screen, so now you can control the camera easily.

Sony HDR CX405 vs. Panasonic HC V180K

- FEATURES: A 26.8mm wide angle ZEISS Lens and can record Full HD video in AVCHD, and MP4 formats.
- ZOOM: Use 30x Optical and 60x Clear Image Zoom to get closer to the action
- HIGHLIGHTS: Automatically creates highlight video in MP4 from multiple clips
- WARRANTY: Sony Authorized Dealer - Includes USA Manufacturer's Warranty
- Super-sharp Full HD 1080p recording
- Intelligent 90x zoom, with 5 axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization provides maximum handheld stability
- Responsive touch screen on 2.7" LCD
- 2-channel zoom microphone for clear audio at any distance

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally dependable and you can pick which camcorder that suit your preference. However, if you don’t mind about spending more or don’t have very limited budget, we will recommend you to pick Panasonic HC V180K because of its touchscreen and more zoom capabilities.

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