Sony HDR-CX405 vs Sony HDR-PJ410

While there are individuals who own camera phones equipped for video recording and picture taking, numerous camcorder and photography aficionados want to utilize HD camcorders over cell phones with regards to recording and taking pictures. So for what reason would these people rather pick handycams over phones? 

This is on the grounds that they know better. Camcorders, particularly the more costly ones, offer better video as well as sound quality. 

The built-in microphones of these models record far superior to phones and digital cameras. In addition, these HD camcorders offer more video alternatives and huge internal memory. 

Most even have double memory card spaces for extra stockpiling and simultaneous recording. However, purchasing a camcorder can be confusing. 

Models fluctuate in size and abilities as well as in cost. You can burn through 150 USD or more than 1,600 USD. 

Numerous cutting-edge camcorders additionally offer remote network, permitting you to transfer recordings without wires, or even stream them straightforwardly on the web. In this article, we have gathered together the absolute best camcorders that convey the ideal equalization of significant worth and performance, namely Sony HDR-CX405 vs Sony HDR-PJ410. 

So, without further ado, let us get into the heart of the subject.

About the Gadget 

Sony HDR-CX405:

Sony is one of those enormous technology organizations that like to flaunt huge amounts of new stuff at CES, and January 2015 was no exemption. 4K was indeed the theme as the ultra-high-resolutions screen innovation is more cleaned than any other time in recent memory and basically ready for standard reception. 

Sony HDR-CX405 is likewise part of the 2015 lineup and it looks a lot like Sony HDR-CX330 model. What makes the HDR-CX405 fascinating is its attractively low cost. 

It is strange enough for the CX405 to have a higher number than the CX330 yet winds up with less highlights. Read also: Canon VIXIA HF G40 vs Sony AX53.

Sony HDR-PJ410:

Basically a similar camcorder as Sony Handycam CX160, the HDR-PJ10 gets its value because of its quotient having expanded by a pico projector. To some degree, in light of the fact that the just-OK video quality matters significantly less when you are seeing it by means of the projector. 


Sony HDR-CX405:

Sony HDR-CX405 establishes a decent connection by not downsizing or disposing of the fundamental highlights that would influence the video recording experience. It underpins both the MP4 and AVCHD codecs as well as Sony’s own XAVC S format enabling you to record 50Mbps 1080p video at 60p. 

With the 26.8 wide-angle ZEISS lens, video quality is more than conventional and you have a lot of control on the zoom end. 30x optical zoom may sound somewhat dreary, however, the HDR-CX405 additionally offers the Clear Image Zoom which utilizes unique calculations to permit zooming up to 60x.

Optical zoom is still best though Clear Image Zoom plays out much better than the standard digital zoom since the processor really makes new pixels to cause the pictures to seem more keen. 

Sony HDR-PJ410:

With the subject filling the frame in daylight, the camcorder creates gorgeous video that goes for full HD. Be that as it may, in numerous different conditions, particularly when there is a ton of background detail and movement, for example, grass or trees waving in the breeze, the low-resolutions (for this situation, not exactly the native 2.07 megapixels required for HD) sensor essentially is not capable of settling all that and you will begin to see artifacts from the insertion and video compression, regardless of the moderately high bit rates. 

Steady Image 

Sony HDR-CX405:

The HDR-CX405 additionally accompanies SteadyShot picture adjustment to help make video captures a great deal smoother. Regardless of whether you have a consistent hand, the component is very helpful when taking shots at fax levels.

Sony likewise executed this additional innovation called 3-Way Shake Cancelling which includes electronic move soundness. This lets you accomplish smoother video capture results. 

Sony HDR-PJ410:

The camcorder self-adjusts rapidly and precisely, even in diminished light. However, like all camcorders, it every so often picks an inappropriate subject or hops into face-recognition mode when you do not need it to.

Its metering and presentation choices are for the most part right. You can generally turn IA off and use touch focus or touch presentation to compel it.

In the event that you end up turning out in the last 90 percent of the zoom range or will in general hold the camcorder with outstretched arms, you likely need to keep the camcorder set on Active Steady Shot constantly though in general, the standard picture adjustment appears to work quite well. 

Sony HDR-CX405 vs Sony HDR-PJ410

- BUNDLE INCLUDES: Sony CX405 Handycam 1080p Full HD Camcorder with Exmor R CMOS Sensor, SanDisk 32GB Ultra UHS-I microSDHC memory card
- SENSOR AND PROCESSOR: The large, cutting-edge Exmor R CMOS sensor enhances image clarity, reduces noise in dark environments
- ZEISS LENS: Sharing a commitment to outstanding performance and design, Sony and Carl Zeiss co-develop lenses that combine the best possible optics with premium-quality electronics and sensor technology
- SONY AUTHORIZED DEALER: Includes USA Manufacturer Warranty
- Sony HDR-PJ410. Type de capteur: CMOS, Total des megapixels: 2,29 MP, Taille du capteur optique: 1/0,228 mm (1/5.8'). Zoom optique
- MicroSD (TransFlash), MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC, MS Micro (M2), Système de fichiers camera: DCF 2.0, Exif 2.3, MPF. Ajustement de la focalisation: Auto
- Type d'exposition: Auto, Manuel, Modes scène: Feux d'artifices, Paysage, Portrait, Spotlight, Plage, Neige Conservez vos précieux souvenirs pour le plaisir de tous avec la robustesse et la facilité d'utilisation du caméscope Handycam® PJ410.
- Les formats AVCHD et XAVC S garantissent des enregistrements fidèles et vifs. Un appareil ultra-compact disponible en permanence. - Stabilisateur optique SteadyShot™ avec mode Actif intelligent - Enregistrement XAVC S (HD 50 Mbit/s) et AVCHD - Capteur CMOS Exmor

Bottom Line

The absence of Wi-Fi capacities on the CX405 model is worth taking note of. You are exchanging remote control and the simplicity of remotely transferring recorded content for a 50 USD reserve fund in the event that you opt for the CX405.

Dual recording is observably missing on the CX405 as well. Wi-Fi ought to be incorporated with each camcorder, however, it is useful for Sony to offer alternatives to individuals on a strict spending plan.

In general, the HDR-CX405 is a fine compact camera that might be fueled by a year ago’s equipment yet gives you far superior outcomes than the recording features an advanced top-of-the-line cell phone can offer. Simply purchase a speedy SD card and you are pretty much good to go. 

Since this camcorder is so modest, you can really pick a high-limit SDXC card and still end up with a camcorder that is less expensive than most other Sony camcorders while having undeniably more space to catch huge amounts of 1080p video. Meanwhile, it is also recommended to pay several hundred extra for the projector in the otherwise frills-free Sony Handycam HDR-PJ10.

Sony Handycam HDR-PJ10’s built-in projector and sound system speakers are helpful for sharing home films. Additionally, the HD camcorder has the equivalent wide-angle lens, built-in USB link, and great automated execution as other models.

Though on the off chance that you do not plan to utilize the projector, the remainder of the camcorder’s presentation and list of capabilities are a bit underpowered for the cash.


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