Sony HDR-MV1 vs. Zoom Q8

Are you wondering if you should go with Sony HDR-MV1 or Zoom Q8? Both are popular models of portable video recorders. A lot of people love these products due to the compact and lightweight properties, as well as the top-notch performance and recording quality. However, Zoom Q8 is slightly more expensive compared to Sony HDR-MV1. Of course, each of these two products has each own advantages and disadvantages. So, which is the one that you should choose? Find out below.


Sony HDR-MV1
Sony HDR-MV1 is a very compact and lightweight video recorder. It features a truly unique and distinctive design. It is very minimalistic, neat, and simple; the 120-degree wide lens is placed at the front along with a pair of X/Y stereo mics that are angled in 120 degrees as well, with the 2.7-inch display screen fixed on the left side. The navigation button is located next to the display screen, while the functions buttons are placed on the top, within an easy reach by the fingers if you use this device single-handedly. Meanwhile, the connection ports are located on the rear. The layout is very intuitive that it delivers a very convenient usage. Sony HDR-MV1 also boasts an excellent output quality. It records 1920 x 1080 Full HD videos at 30 fps frame rate, and you can select whether you want to use LPCM (44.1kHz, 16-bit) or AAC (48kHz, 128kbps) as the audio encoding. Furthermore, it is enriched with very useful features, most notably the Audio Lip Sync functionality that guarantees synchronized audio and video all the time. It offers built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, too, for seamless file sharing and remote control.

Zoom Q8
Zoom Q8, compared to Sony HDR-MV1, is rather bulkier. This is because it features a tiltable and rotatable display screen, with the pair of stereo mics placed on the top. Zoom Q8 also features a touchscreen control that is very intuitive. Coming with a 160-degree wide lens, Zoom Q8 features not only a sophisticated intuitive control, but also advanced recording quality and performance. It is able to record videos at a maximum resolution of 2304 x 1296 (3M HD). The mics are replaceable, and it can record the audio into four separate tracks simultaneously. It doesn’t come with any wireless connectivity, but it allows live streaming via USB or HDMI.

- Powerful LPCM and AAC for recording versatility
- Capture wide stereo sound with 120 Degree X/Y mic
- High-quality 30p HD video with low grain in low light
- Support for five HD video modes, up to 2304 x 1296 pixels (3M HD), as well as two WVGA modes
- Compatible with all Zoom microphone capsules (sold separately)
- Up to four tracks of simultaneous audio recording

Sony HDR-MV1 vs. Zoom Q8
If you prioritize the output quality, Zoom Q8 should be your choice. It boasts a higher recording quality. However, if you prefer to have something that is simple and easy to use, Sony HDR-MV1 is the answer, as the model offers such a convenient design and wireless functionality.

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